Book Review: Releasing Me by Jewel E. Ann

Releasing Me

Title: Releasing Me (Holding You #2)
Author: Jewel E. Ann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 368 pages
Rating: 5 stars

A tragic accident. A hidden past. An unbreakable love.

Never goodbye …

I thought Addy stole my soul.

Her beauty blinded me.
Her heart called to me.
Her touch healed me.

She gave everything and asked for nothing. Then I broke her. The depths of her pain were veiled by the reflection of my own. I didn’t deserve her, but I wanted her––I needed her. In my darkest hell, I heard her voice. That’s when I knew …

Addy was my soul.

Deep breath … I am peaceful, I am strong.

Quinn was worth the risk.

He took away the numbness and gave me unfathomable pleasure. Every emotion felt magnified, every moment felt like the last.

My heart found purpose.
My body came to life.
My soul returned.

His weakness gave me strength, and his past held my future. He saved me by … releasing me.

Grace and Michelle’s Review
I’m not sure how to prepare you for this book. Michelle read it ahead of me and suggested I have tissues and Xanax on standby.  I was leaning towards this (although probably not appropriate given the storyline *shrugs*):

To put it bluntly, this book will break your heart over and over again. First I was sad, then my heart started to hurt, then my face was beat red with anger (I’m a ginger, this is a common problem).  By the end, forget about it.  And the author has the nerve to send me this tweet.

Clearly, she is one, in an apparent long line of authors out there trying to kill me.

Reading this book was like ripping a band aide at every turn.  Poor Addy.
“I don’t know if he’ll ever know he’s the reason my heart is still beating.”
Grace and I often wondered how the hell she wasn’t suicidal.  I cried so many times, I lost count, my heart was beating hard at every chapter.  When Addy took care of Quinn’s Mom, that crushed me. When Addy finally read the letter Elena left for her, water works galore.

That letter, OMG!  I just read the title of the letter and started crying. The most perfect letter to bring everything full circle.  Beautiful.

This book had lots of angst through it all Addy pulled through.  God bless her because if it were me, I would not have been that brave.

“I never found that person and so I just lived with the pain. But I . . . I love you.” I nodded my head and bit my upper lip as I tried to blink back the rest of my tears. “So I’ll take if from you. I’ll take the blame. I’ll take your pain.”

I couldn’t agree more.  The strength that Addy shows in this book is unreal. I started to add up everything that happened to her.  I wanted to leap into my kindle and give her pieces of my heart, but she is stronger than most would be under the circumstances.

The first time I rested my forehead on hers was the moment I realized I wanted to take the pain away from her past. It was the moment I knew she was more than sad; she was broken.

As for Quinn, like book 1, I wavered back and forth on whether I liked him.  Initially you will feel sorry for him.  But that ends quickly and your sadness for him will turn to hate.  At one point, he lists out all the reasons why Addy is better than him.  It sounds nice, right?  But trust me, it is so not nice!  I almost threw my kindle at his self-absorbed thoughts.

Releasing Me teaser

I’m not sure if Michelle would agree with me, but I often hoped that Addy would forget about Quinn.  He clearly wasn’t good for her heart. However, jealousy of all things helps him get his head out of his ass. And the bond between them grows again.  Yes, this book is not all sad.

While the serious nature of this book wouldn’t lend itself to humor like the first book often did, there is one scene, we’ll just call it the BJ garbage story (not to be confused with the BJ garage scene from book 1).  I read this scene while riding the Metro and nearly combusted on sight in order to contain my laughter.  Does this author let me enjoy this moment for a while?  Did you read this review?  What do you think?  Yeah, so the author stabs me in the heart with the one thing I was dreading.  I truly felt murderous.

She was broken when I met her, and I should have been her rock of support, but instead I was the rock that continued to crush her over and over again.

Like I mentioned in the review of book 1, Michelle was my emotional support throughout this book.  We first were exchanging tweets but we switched to texts to avoid posting spoilers to others.  More than 30 texts later, we both sighed and cried happy tears.  Yes, you will go thru hell and back, but you will get your HEA.  We never felt like we deserved one so bad.

For those who are hesitant to try such an emotional book, I would tell you that we both loved this book.  Heeelllooo, 5 starts, from both of us!  The author took a lot of risks with this book.  But we think you should give these characters a chance.  As truths are revealed, not everything is as it seems.  And the secrets they both have show an unexpected connection.  You will remember little moments throughout both books that were clues.  One letter ties all those clues together.  I know that this book will stick with me for a long time.  While I often questioned the sanity of Addy and Quinn’s relationship, in the end, I can see how it was meant to be.

Parting thoughts:

– Grace and Michelle




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