Unfinished Hero Day: Fan Responses

If you’ve been following our posts today, you can see how each of the three blogs have our favorite Unfinished Hero.  So we decided to open it up to the fans and find out who they loved the most and why.

Knight Sebring
“Hot ALPHA male!!”
– Dawn LoPresti

Raid Miller
“RAID is the all American home town man with an of edge of bad assery and a lot of mmm hmmm sexy swag. Who can resist him when he takes care of his girl and is sweet to her gram. ”
– Rebecka

Tucker Creed
“I loved his love for Syvlie, what he went through to save her life and after meeting up with her again after 16 years, the love never died between those two.”
– @Michelle6803

Raid Miller
“Raid is a kickass alpha male, who sees his “Peggy-Sue” for what she really is. A very dirty girl, and he’s going give her exactly what she wants in all the ways she wants it, and he will enjoy doing it.”
– Shooting Stars Reviews

Raid Miller
“I loved how he was considered as the town’s golden boy. I loved how he was always there for Hanna’s grandmother. I loved how he thought that Hanna was home, for him. I loved how he appreciated Hanna’s afghans. I loved that his full name was totally kickass: Raiden Ulysses Miller.”
– @niknajiyaaa

Knight Sebring
He has the best freaking name, seriously old school romance hero name, that’s shortened to be badass and awesome. #Winning He’s got his rough edges, but can also be sweet and caring. And he loves his woman and takes care of her when she needs him most, what else is there?
– @seyitsme

Tucker Creed
“Adored Creed….he would NOT take no for an answer and I LOVED Sylvie, so so so strong! She was an inspiration with the HUGEST heart. I haven’t had the chance to read Deacon so I can’t add that to the mix.”
– @DaraRoberts

Tucker Creed
“One word…ALPHA!”
– L@SchaeferElle

Knight Sebring
“I love Knight because he’s the only Hero from UH series that I can picture myself meeting him in a real life. I loved how protective he is, even though he’s not entirely a “good” guy. He made me all swoony and I actually finished reading his story in a day. So yeah, Knight is my Hero. :)”
– Amanda Sheila // @mndshl

Knight Sebring
“Knight is probably the darkest character out of all the Unfinished Heroes. And I have a weakness for the dark, brooding, silent type. No one writes alpha heroes quite like KA, and she outdid herself with Knight Sebring; who’s in a class of his own!!!”
– Nisha Alwaysreading

Knight Sebring
“Kinky controlling sexy rich.”
– @chewbertt

Tucker Creed
“He fought all his life and it finally paid off!”
– JoanKea

Knight Sebring
“I’ve loved them all so far and cannot wait for Deacon’s story but I am quite partial toward Knight. I think it’s because he is so unpretentious and really tells it like it is. A badass who dresses very well. He’s s little scary and intense and has excellent taste in music!”
– @miche67

Knight Sebring
“I love what he does, what he says and how he says it. He is bossy! Knight is my fav book hero ever!”
– Bella

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