Unfinished Hero Day (Guest Post): Love Letter for Raid

Raid Love note

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TeriLyn Reviews





For Raiden:

There’s something remarkably special to be said about a man whose willing fight for what he believes in. Something amazingly stunning about a man who fights for his country, his loved ones, his beliefs. Something unbelievable gorgeous about a man who protects those he loves with everything he has. Something beautifully alluring about a man who goes out of his way to make his woman laugh and smile and FEEL.

A man strong, courageous, and confident in his convictions makes the woman he loves feel safe and comforted. A man who chooses his woman with care finding a woman whose strength matches his own who can deal with the complexities of his life knowing this woman is strong yet wanting to be her protector anyway. Just simply because he thinks she’s worth it. Because she’s worth everything. A man who makes women believe in him, in his love. This man reminds us of the beautiful connections we all deserve by fiercely loving and protecting.

This is Raiden Ulysses Miller. His story is extraordinary.

With love for the Alpha Raid,

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