Joint Blog Book Review: Cadence by Ker Dukey and D.H. Sidebottom

Title: Cadence (Deception #2)
Authors: Ker Dukey & D. H. Sidebottom
Genre: Erotic Romance
Cover Design: Ker Dukey
Photographer: Clyph Jean Philippe
Cover Model: Florian Julien Dutheil
Rating: 5 stars



He had her love. Her devotion. He destroyed her with it!

Years I loved Faye Avery from a distance, watched my brother have something he didn’t deserve. She was always too good for him. Dante had a need for control and that grew with him from childhood, infecting her to bend to his whim.

When Dante abandoned her, the girl who put his future and needs before her own, I rediscovered the girl who lost herself to the heartache. She blossomed and flourished in the light of the love she deserved – until he robbed me of her. Breaking her down, dimming the essence of the woman she had become.

Dante had a darkness inside him that led him down a path of depravity. He was too far gone. He functioned on corruption, humiliation, power and retribution, and all for something that never happened.

What he forgets is this! I not only wear his face, I carry the darkness inside of me too, and my wrath will coat him with it so thick he will drown under the rain of my reckoning.

He wants Star, a memory of a girl he used to know. He stole Faye, a woman who owns my heart and is the cadence in mine.

I will find him.

I will take her from him.

And then I will kill him.


Reviewers: The Brits, Celesha and Isabella (CrazyBookLovers and MyBookWorld), Miri (SMIBookClub) and Yaya (After Dark Book Lovers).

Yaya: I’ve joined forces with the girls across the pond, Celesha and Izzy, and Miri to bring you our thoughts on Cadence (Deception #2) by our new favorite dark ladies Ker Dukey and D.H. Sidebottom…take a bow ladies.  Ya’ll deserve it.  We will try and keep this as spoiler free as possible BUT we do advice you have read book 1, Facade.

Love is a strange thing, it can come as quick as a blink of an eye. Once it catches you it’s like a disease it’s hard to shake off.


I actually heard my heart crack and split open.
I bled for days.
Its funny how your meant to hate that one person but you can’t help but just LOVE them demons and all…..

Yaya: Where do we begin?  Should I just put it out there that this did not go how I imagined it would.  I’m not saying I don’t agree with what happens but this story blew my mind.

Izzy: So where the actual f*** do I start????  This was one doozy of a dark read.  There were so many twists and turns I didn’t know where my head from my arse was.  Now this was one of those page turners which I read in almost one sitting.  The pages were turning and I just couldn’t put it down.  Every single character had some major flaws but still such complex characters that you couldn’t help but try to understand them.

Celesha: After that CRAZY ending with Facade i was DYING for Cadence.  I literally wanted to cut my right arm off for it. That’s how excited I was. Don’t think I’m crazy it was just dame I was getting my Dante Troy back…. And wasn’t I in for a SHOCK.

Let’s just say I still believe I haven’t read the right book but moving on.

Miri: I want to start with… GO AND BUY FACADE NOW!!!  Because these two books are so damn brilliant.  Facade left me like a crack whore seriously pheening for Cadence book 2.  Mind fucked and mind blown!


YaYa: I don’t have a reason to understand Dante or forgive him.  He’s crazy, needs to be heavily sedated and stuck in a white room with a straight jacket.  Almost as if you were reading about a brand new character.  What happened to him?  Love, hate, vengeance, jealousy drove this man to the unthinkable.  I can’t lie.  I did like him in Facade. I ASSumed he was fulfilling his wife’s fantasies.  What an idiot I made of myself.

Izzy: I have a love/hate relationship with Dante as in I love to hate him haha.  Now in FaCade I loved Dante the majority of the book. This one however I absolutely despised him.  I won’t lie certain scenes I saw a glimpses of maybe the real Dante but it was too few and far between for me.

He had such an evil streak and only God can help this man and even then it’s questionable.  Like there is literally no saving him. Redemption cannot be found with this man.  But honestly, there was one part where I thought if everything didn’t go so wrong then maybe you could’ve found redemption.

Celesha: These ladies don’t know what’s what when it comes to Dante.

Maybe Dante needs to come and show them what’s what.  My man is pure CRAZY EVIL TWISTED SEX but Damn did I love that man. He gave me chills I feel like he was turned into complete bastard in this story because there was no other way.  But I disagree, strongly disagree.

Now if you have read Facade you will know all about what Dante is about so I’m not going to go into to much.  But he was broken by love regardless of what he believed to be true is neither here or there in he’s mind he had his heart shattered crushed & broken beyond repair by the love of his life.  And I’m sorry I LOVE STAR.  But she played a Massive part in Dante Destruction as a woman certain Shit you just don’t do no matter how long you waited that just will never sit right with me.  And I still BELIEVE if she had just TOLD him then maybe things would of been different.  I felt Star Assumed to much when he came to Dante.  I’m not saying she deserved certain things, but i do believe she played her part.  Yes I don’t agree with his actions but I understood them.  We all do crazy things when we lose that one special Star and we all handle things differently.  Dante fucked up but he didn’t deserve what happened.  So yes I do believe he could of had his redemption.

Miri: Well… well… well i have no clue how to feel about Dante.  I hate him but I can’t help fell sorry for him.  I liked him in Facade( at the beginning only) lol… I think the way Ker and DH wrote this story totally fucked with my feelings for Dante.  I actually hoped he would’ve changed but once things came to light… I knew there was no hope.


Yaya: Lets talk about Faye aka Star or Crazy Man’s Belle.  Is she really the victim here? This woman was drugged up to believe a lie.  A terrible one at that.  Now she remembers it all.  She knows if she makes the wrong move it can cost her her life and the man she loves. But isn’t she married to the man she loved?  I wondered how she would keep what was left of her sanity and if she was making the right choices.  I also wanted to choke her because she went back. Why?  Why would you do that?

Izzy: Well I gotta say I fucking absolutely loved her in this book.  She finally found herself in this book and knew herself.  Everything was exposed and there was only one way to face this shit storm and that was head on!!!!  She played Dante at his own game and for the most part it worked.  But boy that Dante always had something up his sleeve.

Celesha: I agree with the girls. I LOVED Star.  She was one kick ass lady.  She did change a lot in this book, I felt like we got to know the real Star.

Everything I thought was real was something completely different.
What her mind and body had endured no woman should have to experience that in her life.

But her strength in them situations amazed me.

Miri: I loved her in book 2.  I think Faye aka Star aka Belle was the victim in Facade, but in Cadence she’s a survivor.  Even though she was broken so many times she still fought Dante.  I agree ladies, I think she found herself in book 2… I think she found strength to fight for what she loved.


Izzy: Now Cade where do I start with you???  For me you were it.  You were rough around the edges with that sweetness this book desperately needed.  I mean I fucking love the darkness but yes Cade is gritty and raw and rough but not as dark as Satan like someone I could mention.  He fought and fought and that’s what I admired about him.  He was absolutely smoking fuckin hot and I fucking loved him!!!!

Yaya: *cue the death threats*  Am I the only one who thought he was a big Pansy at times?  What was up with all that crying?  Oh who’s Cade you may ask?  Well if you read the first book you would know he is part of the big cliffhanger.  Who is he now?  Can’t say.  HUGE SPOILER!!  I will say; He came (Oh yes he did) He saw (many things he shouldn’t have) He conquered (Like A Boss).  Swoonful character, besides the crying.  But some of you may like that.  Shows he’s a true man and isn’t afraid to hide his feelings.  Bet you’re dying to find out who Cade is huh?!  *evil laugh*

Celesha: And then there was Cade.  He was alright I suppose.  He was sexy, loving, kinky everything you would want in a man, but he wasn’t Dante & he cried too much for my liking.  I’m still Raw so that’s all your getting about that man, Humph!!

Miri: Le sigh Cade. . .  I fucking love this Pansy as Yaya calls him (note to self. . . text Yaya and tell her FUCK YOU) I absolutely love him.  He was that light flickering in the darkness in book 2.  He was everything this book needed because honestly i need someone to be there for Faye.  Apparently these hoes (Celesha and Yaya) think he cried too much. . . ummm I don’t even care about that. . . because after everything he went through. . .  not just with Faye but with Dante as well. It was truly heartbreaking to see him hurt.


Final Thoughts:
Izzy: Okay so a few things didn’t sit right with me in this book.  Did any of you girls feel that Dante’s darkness was a tad OTT and maybe that he had to be so dark to ensure the Dante lovers (which isn’t me btw.  I mean I had love for him but not enough that I didn’t wanna stab him myself) began to reallllyyyy despise him!!!!  I don’t know just putting it out there!!!

Another thing I want to mention.  There was some fantastic side characters.  Absolutely great and I for one am glad a certain couple are receiving a novella.

But so I conclude…. This book seriously had me on the mother fuckin crazy train and didn’t want to let me off and I fucking loved it!!!!  Ker and Dawn are an epic duo.  What I love is you would never be able to tell the difference between their writing, and it just flows beautifully. I hope we get more stories sent from my iPhone.

They will now always be one click authors forever for me and I will recommend all the dark reader lovers to read their books and I am more than happy to invite you non-dark readers to the dark side.

Celesha: Okay so the plot blew my MIND.  It was unique it was different to be honest it had everything I LOVE in a book.  It sucked me in from the first page.  I just couldn’t put it down.

Dawn And Ker I bow to them, they twist with your mind like your puppets on a string, I would love to crawl around in their minds.  But then I think I’d get to comfortable did I mention I’m a little twisted myself.  Their writing just flows from page to page, and you actually feel every characters emotions even though it wasn’t in their POV.

Yaya: Highly recommend for the Dark Romance readers.  Specially if you like angst and a good Mind-Fuck.  Keep an eye out on these ladies work and I hope they can bring us another thrilling ride.

Miri: Ker and DH blew me away…Highly recommend this story.  I highly recommend these two authors.  The just don’t write. . . they write mind-fuckery at its best.

PS: Celesha, Izzy, and Yaya.. LOVE YOU GIRLS! 💋

That Is all ladies and gentlemen.
All you have to do now is ONE CLICK THIS SERIES.





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