2014 Year in Review


What a year!

I’m well aware that there are a shit ton of book blogs.  I have no idea on the actual number, but there are A LOT of them.  Why did I decide to jump into the mix?  Because I had a lot of ideas I wanted to share and needed an outlet for it.  And of course, I love books.  What better way to share my ideas and my love of books, than to start a blog.  When I actually launched the site in June, to say the beginning was humbling, would be an understatement.  I thought I would naturally gain a following, but that didn’t happen right away.  Sure, my super awesome book buddies supported me, but I was struggling to gain followers outside of that group.

It all changed when my fellow shortie YaYa joined the blog.  She told me from the get-go she didn’t want to review much, she was becoming focused on beta reading for a growing number of authors.  What she brought to the table is bringing in the followers, and we slowly gained more.  She also suggested, that we needed another reviewer and mentioned Michelle, a friend we had both made on Twitter.  Michelle, sharing our love of all things smutty, joined the team and we grew from there.

When I started the blog, I set a goal of 500 FB followers.  With two of us having full time jobs and another being a Mom to a Brady Bunch size household, we don’t have the time to post every book release, every book sale.  So we’ll never be some huge blog.  But my goal was blown away shortly after YaYa and Michelle joined and in December we hit 2000 FB followers.  Now, based on whatever one is saying, 1/1 is doomsday for blogs on FB, as they try to limit who sees our posts and what we can post.  Which sucks because we have some BIG things planned.  To say the month of January will be HUGE for us, is not a understatement.

Check out these upcoming events, and mark your calendars:

January 11, 8-9pm EST – Stylo Fantôme (author of the Kane Trilogy) FB takeover

January 21, 8-9pm EST – Katie Larson FB Takeover

January 22, TBD (but this event will last several hours) – we’re keeping this one a secret for now, but if you like dark reads, you’ll want to block off your evening on this day, IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!

January 25, 8-9pm EST – Ella Fox FB Takeover

January 28, 8-9pm EST – Roxy Sloane FB Takeover

And that’s just January!


I’ve always been a numbers girl, so one of the features I love about this platform is the stats that are generated.  I’m not going to share the whole document WordPress created, but it has some really fun info.

Here are some of our notable blog stats:

16,000 page views
116 countries <= my favorite stat
285 posts – YIKES!
My first post – an audio review of Gone Girl.

And then there are our social media stats.  We are on four social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twittter and Tsū.









I think everyone is still trying to figure out the merits of Tsū, but with Facebook’s changes in 2015, I think this site will be what a lot of authors and bloggers turn to in order to promote book sales and giveaways (which apparently Facebook isn’t allowing anymore, without fees).

From us Shorties here at After Dark, thanks for all of your support in 2014, we hope to keep you entertained in 2015!!!

– Grace, YaYa and Michelle

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