Book Review: The Billionaire Bargain by Lila Monroe

Title: The Billionaire Bargain
Author: Lila Monroe
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: 90 pages
Rating: 4 stars

Sexy Australian billionaire Grant Devlin is ruining my life. He exercises shirtless in his office, is notorious for his lunchtime nooners, he even yawns sexily. If I didn’t need this job so bad, I’d take his black Amex and tell him where to swipe it.

He doesn’t even know I exist, but why would he? He jets off to Paris with supermodels, I spend Friday nights with Netflix and a chunk of Pepperidge Farm frozen cake—waiting for his call. Because every time he crashes his yacht, or blows $500k on a single roulette spin in Monte Carlo, I’m the PR girl who has to clean up his mess.

But this time, it’s going to take more than just a fat charity donation. This time, the whole company is on the line. He needs to show investors that he’s settling down, and Step #1 is pretending to date a nice, stable girl until people forget about what happened with the Playboy Bunnies backstage at the Oscars.

My plan is perfect, except for one thing:

He picks me.

Michelle's Review
This is Lila Monroe’s debut novel and for a first timer, she did a very good job. Just from the synopsis alone, you will one to delve right into the book. Who doesn’t love reading about sexy Australian billionaire’s? I know I love me some foreign men with sexy accents to boot. This novel is a pretty quick read, but it had lots of laughs in between. If you can make me laugh while reading, you earn big points in my book. While it lacked a little heat and maybe that was the author’s intention, you do get a lot of sexual chemistry.

Lacey Newman is a hardworking Administrative Assistant at Devlin Media Corp. She works under her bitchy of a boss Jacinda. Sexy Australian billionaire Grant Devlin is the sole heir to Devlin Media. While Grant is out and about spending money, gallivanting around the world, crashing boats, Lacey is around to pick up the pieces and making sure Devlin Media Corp. does not go under.

Grant takes a great big interest in Lacey. He is so used to women fawning all over him that when Lacey gives him a piece of her mind regarding his company, he is immediately turned on by Lacey. He’s never had a woman put him in his place. Here is a very internal monologue Lacey is having with herself regarding her non-filter ways with Grant: Why the hell was the boss asking to have lunch with me? Was this about that eye-roll last night? Or the rant I’d unleashed on him in his car? Was he going to fire me over pad thai?

Lacey ends up getting promoted because Jacinda was being a true bitch. Grant notices Lacey’s worth ethic and is willing to adhere to her suggestions of changing his image. The sexual chemistry is there from the very beginning. Like I mentioned before, it needed a little more heat, but we will probably get some with the second book.

Again, this book was very funny and I loved how although at times Lacey could be whiny, she is a strong female. She went toe-to-toe with Grant on many issues. Lacey is super spunky that’s for sure. Yes, there’s a cliffhanger, so brace yourself.

Kudos again to Lila Monroe on her debut novel. I cannot wait to read the second book in this series. On a personal note, Lila is super sweet and very approachable. She and I love discussing Showtime’s The Affair. Hit her up on Twitter and/or Facebook. Thank you Lila for letting me review your first book! Congrats lady, you did real good!

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.



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