Book Series Review: The Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantôme

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Title: Degradation, Separation, Reparation (Books 1, 2 and 3 of The Kane Trilogy)
Author:Stylo Fantôme
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4.5 stars

Blog note: All three of us read this series and would recommend you read all three books together.  In fact, we’re not sure how you cannot do that, the cliffhangers are brutal.


Book 1 – Degradation

The Devil has come out to play

Eighteen year old Tatum O’Shea is a naive, shy, little rich girl. Twenty-three year old Jameson Kane is smart, seductive, and richer. They come together for one night, one explosion, one mistake, and Tate is hurled into space – no family, no money, and no Jameson.

Seven years later, life is going pretty good for Tate, when she runs into Jameson again. This time, she thinks she’s ready for him. She doesn’t have a naive bone left in her body, and she can’t even remember what shy feels like. Jameson has evolved into Satan – sharp teeth, sharper claws, and a tongue that can cut her in half. It all sounds like fun to a girl like Tate, and she is ready to play, determined to prove that she isn’t the same girl he conquered once before. A series of games start, each one more devious than the last.

But the devil likes to play dirty, and she learns that playing for souls is playing for keeps. The lines between games and reality, heaven and hell, get blurry. Can she beat Jameson at his own game before someone gets hurt? Or will he leave her soulless, making him the winner, once and for all?

WARNING: contains a wannabe B-rate porn star, an impersonal personal assistant, and the F-word, A LOT. Also graphic sexual situations and sadomasochistic themes, and NO PNR.




Book 2 – Separation

Can the Devil be Forgiven?

Everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt, and what Jameson Kane did to Tatum O’Shea goes so far beyond hurt, he is well into the realm of unforgivable. Tate says she wants him gone for good, and he quickly learns that the old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”, is most definitely true.

But Jameson has never been very good at following instructions, and when Satan decides to seek redemption, he’ll go to great lengths to get it. He proposes one last game – one to end them all, if she agrees to play. He is very confident that he can win, but Tate warns him that it’s not possible; she will not lose again. Little does she know, Jameson is prepared to do whatever it takes. Prepared to lay the entire world at her feet. Prepared to bear his soul.

What he didn’t count on, though, was handing the damn thing over.

Now Jameson can only pray that his evil ways haven’t rubbed off on Tate too much. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to tell who the Devil really is …

WARNING: contains a semi-reformed devil, a woman scorned, and more Sanders than anyone has a right to witness. Also graphic sexual situations and strong language.




Book 3 – Reparation

The Devil has met his match

When Tatum O’Shea decides it’s time for some payback, no one is safe from her new game – not even the devil himself. Tate is going to get her happily every after, even if it means making everyone else unhappy in the process.

But a persistent Jameson, a meddling Sanders, and an amorous baseball player make it very hard for a girl to keep her focus, and suddenly it seems Tate has a few too many suitors for her fairy tale ending.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to tell who Prince Charming really is …

WARNING: may induce Kindle throwing, screaming at fictional characters, and possibly a few tears. Also graphic sexual situations and sadomasochistic themes.




YaYa's Review

First impressions:
This reminds me of how I got into CD Reiss’ Songs of Submission. I read Beg and it was Insta-Love. I could not put that series down and we had the best group read ever. So at this moment I feel as if I was going through all those emotions all over again, but this time alone. Not complaining. I’ll put my claims on Satan first.

What did I like about this book?

Everything. I not only love Jameson Kane, but Tatum O’Shea is one kick ass female lead. I’m so tired of the whinny I’m a good girl female leads. Tate is nothing like that. She’s not whinny and she sure isn’t a good girl. So what does a bad girl need? A bigger Bad Man. He comes in the form of the Devil. Shit I’m ready to sell my soul to him.

You want angst, this is it.
You want a dirty talker, he’s got many names to call you.
You want to be a part of his life, it comes with a price.

Who will win this game they play?

Last impressions:
This is the part that hurts me the most. Goodbye.

As us Shorties write up our Favorite Books of the Year, I text Grace and say:”I think I found a New Favorite Couple of the Year.” Jameson&Tate❤️

My favorite couples aren’t based on how much money they have, or power. It’s more based on the authenticity. I want something new. Let explain how this works…”There aren’t enough men in the world to fuck Jameson Kane out of memory.” So when the leading lady says something like this, you should already know she is RUINED for other men. Readers, he is that good. This is one of the BEST billionaire love stories I have read. The eroticism is felt from the tip of your toes to the ends of your hairs.

Something that happened 7yrs ago, still continued to be like a plague in their lives. An incurable disease. Why do I say that? That’s Jameson and Tate. Nothing is ever easy for them.

Another great part of this series, the characters. Specially Sanders. My dear Stylo I hope you already have something planned for this man. He needs it. He deserves it. Because in all honesty, I’ve never read about such a loyal character. The true meaning of a friendship. Family. Stability. He would go to the ends of the world to make his Jameson and Tate happy. I want the same for him. Oh Sandy!!❤️

Then there’s Ang aka Angier. The porn star BFF. He’s more than that to Tate. He’s been her rock after the incident. Well after a few incidents. Although I would get so mad at him because he was so selfish and inconsiderate, he always had good intentions.

Nick…I’ll let you get your own thoughts.

Pet…CUM Bucket. Hate her with a passion. She was needed. She brought all the angst and Murder/Death/Kill to the story.

What else can I say besides give it a chance. Just remember, Jameson is the Devil and he’s going to make you hate him but Tate is no Angel. You’ll laugh, scream, maybe cry but you will come out with a new set of characters you probably will never forget and maybe, just maybe, an author who you will want to write you another great story like this one. Let the FANGIRLING begin.

The question everyone wants to know. Do we get an HEA? Sure you do. Just not one cheesy one. Adios for now.

– YaYa

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