Bonus Scene: Logon’s POV from Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

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Evie’s questioning gaze followed the dining chair I pulled out from the table and she watched me set it in the center of the living room. Her mouth opened, maybe to question me, but I wouldn’t allow it. “All your clothes off,” I said, “and sit in this chair.”

She blinked, stunned. Her gaze returned to me, her breathing hurried. Rather than protest or give me a smart comment, she moved. One hand went to the snap of her jeans and her eyes hooded. Good girl. I’m going to make you as happy as you make me.

She shed her clothes without words, dropping them into a heap beside her, staring at me the entire time. I’d never get used to the sight of her like this. Naked and vulnerable and yet so fucking powerful. She had complete control over me always, but I did my best to pretend it wasn’t the case now.

Evie lowered herself into the wooden chair, her nipples hard. Was it cold in here, or was this with excitement? My hand slid behind her head and tilted it back so I could kiss her. The slide of our tongues together was slow and sexy, and she moaned like I was fucking her with my mouth. Soon.

I’d put everything in the coffee table drawer an hour ago when she’d been changing out of her work clothes. First, the blindfold. Her breath caught in her throat when the black silk descended over her eyes and I adjusted the elastic band behind her head.

“Good?” I asked.

“Good.” Her voice was husky and my lips curled into a smile.

“Put your hands together, behind the chair.”

There were goosebumps on her flesh and Evie was breathing hard. She did as asked, and barely flinched when I secured the leather handcuffs around her wrists. I walked around the chair slowly, dragging my hand over her shoulder, up her neck, and slipped my thumb between her parted lips.

My cock flexed and hardened when she sucked on my thumb with her wet mouth. Eager girl. Naughty girl.

I withdrew, uncapped the bottle of oil, and poured a generous amount into my palm.

“What was that?”

I smirked, even though she couldn’t see, and rubbed my hands together to warm the liquid. “You’re wearing a blindfold, so no questions.”


I placed my hands on her shoulders and oh-so-slowly began to drag them down her soft, trembling skin. Inch by inch, creeping down to her breasts, gliding the massage oil over her. Her back arched into my touch, welcoming it. Her lips parted as she struggled to drag air through them. Fuck, she looked so sexy. My hands slipped easily over her, teasing and kneading her sensitive skin.

“Do you like this?” I asked. She nodded quickly. I knelt before her in the chair and leaned over. “Do you

want more?” She nodded again and bit her lip when my slippery hands caressed her nipples. “Where?”


I felt a huge grin on my face, and let my voice tease. “Where?”

She parted her knees, drawing my eyes downward and I watched as she opened herself wide. “Here.”

My grip tightened involuntarily as I struggled to contain myself. This girl was all of my dreams come true, even the dark, filthy ones. I’d do everything I could to make sure I lived up to hers, too. My fingers coursed down over her belly, sliding over her hips, and skirted inside her thighs. All the way to where she was wet with desire.

“Evie,” I whispered when I rubbed my thumb over her clit, stirring faster and faster. “You have my permission to come.” My other hand slide back up her body, coming to rest lightly around her throat in a dominating gesture. “But don’t make me wait,” I buried a finger deep inside her, “or I might change my mind. Understood?”

“Oh, fuck,” she cried.

She didn’t make me wait at all.

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