Book Review: The Unveiling by Ruth Clampett

Title: The Unveiling (Work of Art #2)
Author: Ruth Clampett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 260 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars

Famed artist, Maxfield Caswell is missing.

Three of his major paintings have been savagely defaced and his house left in ruins. As his friends search for him, does his muse, Ava, hold the key?

Before the hope of love is lost, secrets will be told, spirits will be broken, and a price will be paid.
From the cave dwellings of New Mexico to the shores of Malibu, Max and Ava’s journey tests them to their limits. As they render passion and pain in broad strokes, will their all-consuming love rise from the debris?

Michelle's Review
Book 2 picks up rather quickly, if you have read book 1, you already know Max has gone missing. Total meltdown. Talk about an over dramatic artist, that is our Max, but you cannot help but fall in love with him regardless of his faults. Ava comes upon three defaced paintings that Max has left at his Malibu home, she needs to find Max. Who Ava turns to is an unlikely source, that source being Max’s father, with whom he has been estranged for many years. Even before find him, Ava finally receives a letter from Max and she knows she needs to see him. To help understand him as an artist.

Although their reunion is bittersweet, Ava is an impasse regarding her feelings for Max, so she continues to “date” Jonathan. I still have my issues with Jonathan, and soon enough you will too. I had a feeling about Jonathan’s “status” and my suspicions were confirmed. In other words, my sense of “bullshit” came to fruition.

Moving forward, Ava, Max and the rest of the artistic gang take a trip to Santa Fe, and it is here that Max and Ava’s relationship finally, finally open up. This book is a lot sexier than the first book. If you thought the sexual tension was going to make you combust between these two, well prepare yourself for this time around. In the first book there wasn’t much in terms of sex scenes besides the flirtations between Ava and Max and some very hot petting between Jonathan and Ava, then when you finally read the sexy times here, oh boy, so well written.

Although finally giving their relationship a good, Max is still struggling with his jealousy and now that Ava is getting noticed by TV Executives, things is still an uphill battle for these two lovers.
“I know it feels like things are hopeless, Ava, but that doesn’t mean happiness isn’t still worth fighting for…because it is.”

I loved seeing their relationship growing, for part of the book, you are rooting for them, yet you know the shit is going to hit the fan sooner or later. You see them falling in love, it was so beautiful to read. Ava still has her insecurities regarding Max, but he only has eyes for her. “I don’t want anyone else. I want you, and I’m going to prove it every day until you finally believe me and want me too.”

Ava can’t help but fall in love herself. Here is one of my favorite quotes: “Max, being in love with you is like being on a theme park ride. Thrilling and harrowing… and I had to wait in line to damn long to get on.”  Yup that’s my girl.

I really loved this book. And you guessed, it another cliffhanger. Thankfully, I do not have to wait for it, since it is waiting in my Kindle App waiting for me to turn the pages.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by Flirty Sub PR for an honest review.



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