Hump Day Quickie Review: Perfect Submission by Roxy Sloane

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Title: Perfect Submission (Submission #4)
Author: Roxy Sloane
Genre: Erotica
Length: 74 pages
Rating: 4 stars

I’ve spent my life running from the past, but now there’s no escape.

He says he can save me — if I’ll only trust him.

I want to believe him, but how can I be sure?
My choice is ruin or surrender.

Now, I have to decide.

*The explosive final part of the sensual, suspenseful new serial*

Michelle's Review
So we get the final installment of the Submission Series and Roxy did not disappoint, especially with the sexy times.

Isabelle thinks she going to jail, Cam feels ultra guilty for not protecting her and Brett is still a big time douche. Throughout the read, you get a sense on how Cam and Isabelle’s love story will unfold. Isabelle’s ultimate submission to Cam is easy to see.

Again, I marvel at her instincts to submit. Even through her emotions, she wants to please me. She wants to surrender tomy will, No: she needs to.

My biggest problem with Isabelle is that she needed to stand up for herself with the snotty socialites. She was a bit too passive for my taste. Eventually Isabelle knew who was her true friends, especially her friendship with Olivia. It was nice to see Keely, Vaughn, Justine and Ash making an appearance in the book.

I have a feeling there will be more character developments regarding the not so obvious characters from the book. This is a very quick read. Again, nice hot steamy sex throughout. Nice to see Cam really taking control over Isabelle’s well being. He is so swoon worthy.

“I’m never letting you go again, Isabelle, not as long as we both live. You’re everything to me. I love you more than anything, more than life itself. You’ve shown me the kind of joy I never thought possible. You accept everything I am, without question. Without limits.”

I was so happy that Roxy wrote his story. I just did not picture Isabelle being part of his story since I disliked her in the Seduction Series. Like I mentioned in my previous review, she redeemed herself, especially now that I know her back story. I cannot wait for more of Roxy’s books. I hope that she eventually write a full length novel in the near future.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review..



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