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We had the privilege of attending the first public screening of Fifty Shades of Grey on 2/6.  Here are our thoughts on the event and the movie (some spoilers, so reader beware) . . .

Grace Review
The Experience
It was about 2 weeks ago when YaYa bombarded me with texts and IMs telling me to check me email, which is where I found a reservation to see FSOG on 2/6. Say whaaaaaaaaattt? How did this happen?! Well, it turns out I have some awesome friends, because our friend Miri signed us up! Tears, so many tears!

While the anticipation of this event was off the charts, anyone that follows me on FB can tell you I was a stress case. I was worried that they overbooked tickets and not everyone would get in. Turns out my fears were unnecessary.

I arrived in NYC at 11pm the night before the premiere. YaYa and I were too hyper to go to bed, but after she left to go pick up Miri (who flew in from California), I got 2 hours of sleep. YaYa got zero! At 4am, bundled up for the temps below 10 degrees, we headed to the theater.

Technically, we were told not to line up before 5am, but when we got there at 4:20, there was already a line. Not too bad, so my stress about getting in faded away. And then around 5am, we got it. This is when I was blown away!

*Along with our ticket, we were given some swag, which included a key to the Red Room and a copy of the Contract.


*A team of men in grey suits presented us with trays for drinks!

*Once entering the theater, staff handed out popcorn, drinks and appetizers.

I was literally floored at the level of service for this event. I’m not sure who was behind planning this event, so I will give credit to both the Today Show and Universal Pictures. They really put together an amazing event!

The cherry on top of the event was getting to see EL James (who I literally walked right by on the way to the restroom) and the cast. While they walked past my section, I didn’t have the chance to get a good picture, but we had friends up front, who captured them in all their glory.

Photo courtesy of Mara White

All of this all leads up to the show . . .

The Movie
I will not lie, I had low expectations about this movie going into it. I wasn’t happy with the casting of Dakota Johnson and not sure how the story would translate on the big screen. Rather than give a full critique of the story, I’ll just capture my quick thoughts.

What I liked/loved:
Well, color me surprised, Dakota stole the show. Seriously! She shocked the hell out of me. She was sassy, funny, and brave. She not only captured Ana’s spirit, but made it even better. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ana’s in the books, but I loved Ana in this movie.

The look
The artistic direction of the movie was spot on! Everything about the filming was crisp and beautiful. The prestige and wealth of Christian’s world counterbalanced with the simplicity of Ana’s.  Everything was perfectly styled, from the clothes, to the settings.  Just the way I imagined it when reading.

What I didn’t like:
The flow
I’m not sure who this falls on, but the movie overall felt choppy. One scene didn’t really carry to the next. It felt like we were seeing snapshots of important parts of the book. I am well aware that it would be impossible to have the whole story in a movie, but the transitions from scene to scene didn’t flow. I am grateful that they didn’t have the Inner Goddess in this movie, but I think having Ana’s inner monologue would have been good. It would have helped with the scene transitions and at the same time shown us how this whole relationship was affecting her.

Lack of intimacy
Both YaYa and I thought intimacy was missing from the movie. For some reason, they left out all of the scenes where Christian was draped over Ana in the mornings. It seems like such a small thing, but it showed how he was being consumed by her. How he couldn’t get enough of her. And that part was missing from the movie. I also think they kept out a crucial scene after Christian first spanks Ana. In the book, by him going back to her, you can feel how much he cares for her feelings and wants her to be comfortable. But that follow up to the spanking was missing.

Ok, don’t have a cow, I didn’t hate Jamie as Christian.  First, there is no doubt that is a good looking man and damn fine sexy in this movie. DAT ASS!!! BUT, I don’t think he fully captured Christian’s intensity in this movie and seemed to hold back in the sex scenes. He just didn’t seem convincing as a Dom. Note: this is just my opinion, many others have said otherwise.  Anyway, the scenes are not going to get any easier in the next two movies, so Jamie really needs to bring his A game and fully embrace the role of a Dom like Dakota embraced her role.

As I said, I went into this movie with low expectations. Some were exceeded, some were not. But I think overall, 50 Shades fans will be happy with the final product.  Given that I met YaYa because of the 50 Shades books, going to see the premiere together was surreal and an experience I’ll never forget!

YaYa's Review

My FSOG Experience:
Thanks to a great friend, Miri, I was able to attend the FSOG Premier in NYC.


Man I’m still speechless. FSOG was the book that brought me to meeting so many of my Book Friends.  Friends whom I’ve continued unbreakable friendships with.  And now to be able to be one of the many firsts to ever watch the movie with made these friends made the experience even more unforgettable.

Waiting outside for over an hour on a very cold day, registering, getting our tickets was only the beginning of what we were about to experience. The row of men in grey suits handing out drinks, food, and all sorts of goodies, the flower arrangements, everything pleasantly gave you and made you feel the beginning of the movie FSOG journey.

Oh Lord, when EL James and the cast walked down, no one held their excitement. Jamie owning the beard and Dakota sparkling like the leading lady she’s meant to be.

I know that Grace wants me to speak of the movie but I can’t.  Not like everyone is used to hearing from me.  The ones that heard my rants, listened, now it’s done and over with.  Dakota Johnson owned her role as Ana and can someone please tell that beautiful man and his beard to set his gentlemen manners a side for a bit and fucking play Christian Grey.  To the ones who didn’t believe in the director, I’m not a Hollywood critic, but from my POV, it was great.  Give this woman a chance to give our minds a visual reality of FSOG.  I can only imagine how hard this process is also knowing that so many fans out there all expecting something different.

So back to am I pleased?  Yeah sure.  Long ago I came to conclusion that I will never feel the same about a movie after I’ve read the book.  This was the book that opened the eyes to many on erotica and BDSM so many will love it.  To the ones who never read the books, this is their way of finding out what the rave is all about.  Kudos to the organizers of the event.  I am one happy fan.  One of my favorite parts of this experience, enjoying it with great company and Friends.  Laters Baby💋

Our ratings:
Movie: B
The Experience: A+


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