Book Series Review: Rook and Ronin by JA Huss



By J.A. Huss
Review 5 Stars overall

First and foremost anytime Grace recommends a series and/or book, I will NOT wait almost a year to read it.  Before Grace started After Dark, she and I were Twitter friends and although she has her favorite genres, etc., she always knew what her friends liked regarding a certain type of book to read.  She has been on me about this series for awhile.  I will be honest, I need to adhere to her advice.  I cannot remember why I initially did not want to read this series, but after Grace, Yaya and myself read the Social Media Series by J.A., I knew that I had to get on the bandwagon on this series.  Even after reading Social Media, Grace yet again, was telling me I had to read more of Julie’s books.  Julie Huss’ writing is nothing that I have seen before and reading her Social Media series prepared me for R&R (somewhat).  So during my break from reading ARCs and having received an Amazon gift card, I downloaded this whole series.  I was on a Julie Huss kick, reading the whole series in seven days.

Alrighty lovers/followers of the blog.  I’m going to do this a little differently and hopefully boss lady will let me do it this way lol.

Tragic – We meet 19-year-old Rook Walsh. Her back story, moved to Colorado because of a crazy ex, but she’s homeless, and working side jobs just to get by. Her fate and luck changes at Starbucks and her last $10 that she splurges on a fancy cup of coffee. Luck leads her to Chaput Studios. There she meets the cranky Antoine, his girlfriend Elsie and the very hot Ronin. So Ronin instantly falls in love with Rook’s tragic look. Hello, they are doing a campaign called Tragic. Rook gets very close to Elsie and Antoine and although she knows or senses Ronin is a player, she can’t help to give in to the flirtation. So lots of miscommunications and jealousy leads Rook signing up for another contract with Spencer Shrike. Yea, this pisses Ronin off, but he understands why Rook did it. Hot sex? Yes there’s plenty, cliffhanger, duh, yes.

Manic – Rook’s life changes drastically in a month. She finished up her Tragic campaign and now is doing a Sturgis campaign with Spencer Shrike, not only will her naked body will be painted up to look like one of his customized bikes, but will also be involved in his reality show. Rook is not too happy with having cameras on her for 24 hours, something Spencer failed to tell her. Enter the elusive Ford Aston. He’s the show’s producer and he is no nonsense. Oh and Ford also happens to be friends with Spencer and Ronin, although they all had a falling out a few years ago. Rook doesn’t know how she feels about Ford and for that matter Spencer. Ronin is back and forth dealing with Antoine’s niece Claire who is in rehab. Rook is confused about her relationship with Ronin, especially with Ford’s cryptic messages regarding Ronin. You will fall in love with Ford. His quirks, his dry sense of humor, all of it. You sense reading that some shit is about to go down. Well off we go to Panic.

Panic – So now that Rook’s body has been displayed on Tragic, Sturgis and the reality show, she wants to concentrate on film school. She’s still part of the reality show, but not too much focus on her. Her relationship with Ronin is still fresh and a work in progress, but she loves Ronin. Yet Ronin, he’s all in with Rook. He wants marriage, kids the works. He knows Rook is not ready for any of those things. Her relationship with Ford is weird yet comfortable. And Spencer is like the big brother she never had. You will get more and more insight into Rook’s life in Chicago. As much as she DOES NOT want to deal with it, it comes to her new life, big time. The revelations that come to light regarding Rook, I was pretty emotional at times. The things her douche of an ex did to her was just fucked up. You will learn how The Team really operates throughout the book. Ronin, the Liar, Spencer the Planner, Ford, the Brains. I loved this entire series, but that Epilogue at the end of Panic, KILLED ME! Damn you Julie Huss for making me cry so damn hard. Like I mentioned before, I’ve never read a story like this, oh and if you’re expecting erotica you will not. There is a lot of steamy sex scenes, but this series was full of suspense. I love how I am thinking the story is going to go one way, and BOOM and catapulted somewhere else and after reading that damn epilogue, I had to get Ford’s book like ASAP. So come along for the journey.

Slack: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston – This is a Prequel to Taut. You get more clues into Ford’s extra curriculum activities with his pets. You get a little more details regarding his aloofness. He knows his behavior is unreasonable, deplorable at best, but if his subs don’t care then he doesn’t either. Ford is not into the holiday scene, so when his friend Merc calls him and asks Ford for his help on Christmas Eve, Ford is all too happy to help. Ford encounters the post adorable 12-year-old in Sasha. I loved me that little girl. The back and forth between Sasha and Ford was priceless. So with this nice novella, we get a good insight into the day in the life of Ford Ashton. Quick read, on towards Taut.

Taut – This book is written in Ford’s POV. I will suggest that you read the Rook & Ronin Series before diving into this book. Can you read Taut as a standalone, sure, but you will miss key elements to the story without having read R&R first, IMHO.

Re-reading that Prologue again made me cry. You get a sense of a broken man with a “I don’t give a fuck about anyone” attitude. Yet, you get a man who is willing to help a stranded single mother from a snow storm. When Ford encounters Ashleigh, she is not his type, at first. Yet throughout their travels his interests in her grows. Ashleigh is a total 180 type of woman that Ford is use to being with. Remember, he’s into “pets” not women that stand up for themselves and speaks their minds. I loved Ashleigh from the very beginning. Yet you sense she is going through some emotional shit. Oh man was it ever emotional. “Did he send you Ford? Please. You can tell me if he did.” That “he” being Ashleigh’s fiancé.

You will fall in love all over again with Ford, even towards the end and what he does. Oh man let’s just say have a box of tissues handy. Of course, you get a good sense that Ford’s and Ashleigh’s story is not really over. So off we go to Bomb, A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike.

Bomb: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike – The planner of the group. You get to finally get into the head of Spencer Shrike. If you have read the R&R series you know how Spencer has kept Veronica a/k/a Ronnie a/k/a Bomb at a distance. In this novella, you will learn how Spencer fell in love with his Bombshell. Most of the book is Spencer’s thoughts back to how he meet and fell in love with Ronnie. You will also learn why he has kept her at a distance and why he is the planner. In the previous books, you are lead to believe that he is the ultimate player, but when reading his POV he wants you to think that way for his love for Ronnie. Lots of secrets between these two characters so Guns, here we come.

Guns: The Spencer Book – What and epic conclusion to the R&R Series. Listen, and listen carefully, invest in the R&R Series and novellas so you can get a full appreciations of this author’s work. I still, till this day, have a major Series hangover. I am going to miss all of these characters. This book has alternating POVs. You know that Spencer is in love with Veronica and does want her to be part of “The Team” whatsoever and he will do anything in his power that she is always protected even from afar. Even the flashback moments are heartwarming.

The chemistry between Spencer and Veronica was epic. But no matter what, no matter how many times I take her body, no matter how public the taking is, no matter how dirty the talk – the thing that turns me on the most about my Bombshell is the shudder that runs through her body each and every single time we are started. It’s my drug, and I’m addicted to it. That shudder says, You rock my fucking world, Spencer Strike. See what I am talking about?

No matter what, danger is around the corner and when someone from Ashleigh’s past comes around, shit is about to hit the fan, BIG TIME. I could go on and on again this book and the entire series, but again, you really have to read it. I am going to miss The Team so much. There are spins off from some new characters that were mentioned in Ford and Guns. Those are on my TBR list.

I remember after reading this whole series I posted on FB to Julie that she was an “evil genius”, but I meant it and still mean it as a compliment. She will throw your for a loop. You will have a lot of WTF and “holy crap, I did not see that coming” moments. So adios my R&R family, I hope to see you in other series.

– Michelle

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Rook & Ronin Spin-Off – Bomb: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike
Rook & Ronin Spin-Off – Guns: The Spencer Book

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