Book Review: Pieces of One by SVC Ricketts


Book: Pieces of One
Author: SVC Ricketts
Release Date: June 18, 2015
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Rating: 4.5 stars


Two men want me and I, them. Simple, right? Not like this.

For over two years, I’ve been dealing with a pain in the ass MY way.


She has her life and I have mine. They don’t intermingle. It’s the only way to keep things rational. But now she’s done something monumentally stupid and the only way to untangle myself from her mess is to live life in her shoes. Me, on the run in five inch stilettos. Great.

My name is Trista Dividir. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and Marvy is my other personality, my alter.

To get my life back, I lie, I cheat, and I fall for both of her lovers. Little do I know, I am not the only liar.

Did I mention I have another alter? Yeah, I didn’t know about her either.

Book one in a three part romantic suspense series with a smattering of smexy in between. In the end, you’ll find your HEA…maybe.

Due to mature content and excessive whatever, this is a recommended read for age 18+.

Michelle's Review

Meet Trista Dividar, she’s 17-years-old and she has Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Yup you guessed it, multiple personalities.  This my first time reading a book wherein the heroine has many parts.  You will meet Marvy (the main alter) where Marvy, is a seductress, daring, all out bad ass, Trista, is more mousy, quiet and a book worm.  Trista, is in Junior College (early) to get enough credits because her mind is set on going to Baylor, well not unless Marvy screws that up!

Trista is trying to figure out what sought of trouble Marvy has gotten her into when she wakes up with slutty clothes.  Trista is so freaking smart.  She finds out how Marvy lets loose, getting the attention of men via her video clips.  While trying to get her car back, Trista meets Alex (or Xander to Marvy).  I adored Alex and when Trista tells him about her disorder, he is nothing but supportive.  The feels Alex had for Trista!  Oh and did I tell you, Trista uncovers another alter, Valeria (she’s kick ass by the way).  Apparently, unbeknownst to Trista, inside of her brain, lurks several more alters.

And boy what a pickle did Ms. Marvy get Trista into.  Another guy that comes into play is Bryson Seviride.  I don’t know how to feel about this guy.  I really did not like him at first, but Marvy needs information from him.  Towards the end of the book Bryson shows a different side to himself.  I started screaming at my IPad because I have a feeling the author is going to make this a love triangle.  I don’t want to give anything else away, I’ll let you read and make your own conclusions.

So yeah, there’s a cliffhanger alright and hence my 4.5 rating.  This book is very well written, and if you ever interact with SVC via Facebook, you know she has a wicked sense of humor which shows up in her writing.  I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen, which alter would show up at unsuspecting times.  I don’t know how SVC did going from one alter to another, but it was pretty convincing from my vantage.  There are so many unanswered questions for me and I hoping to get them soon.  So prepare yourself for the ride everyone, because it’s going to be bumpy!

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.



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