Book Review: Pulling Her Trigger by Alexa Riley


Title: Pulling Her Trigger (Ghost Riders MC #1)
Author: Alexa Riley
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4.5 stars


I thought I had all I needed: my gun, my chopper, and my brothers. Most women don’t crave a life like mine, but after the things I’ve done and seen, I never thought I longed for more.

The Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club is my family and I’ll bleed for them. I’ll do anything to keep them safe, even if it’s from me.

One look from him and everything I fought to hide was ripped wide open. Being an FBI agent gave him the power to flip my world upside down, and he did it in a way I never saw coming.

What happens when an FBI agent becomes more obsessed with you than with his case? Do you let down your guard? Or pull the trigger?

Warning: This book contains a heroine who doesn’t submit, a hero who fights for what he’s claimed, and insta-love so hard it will dent your kindle. *not responsible for dented kindles*

YaYa's Review

She is mine, she doesn’t know it yet.

Do you like smutty quick reads? If so then I highly recommend Alexa Riley to you. The woman knows her smut.

What did I like about this story?

Besides the Insta-Love and an over obsessed Alpha I’m also going with the heroine because she’s a Bad Ass and the fact that the author also used the MC world for this setting made it even more interesting. At first I was like how is she going to pull of a woman being part for the whole MC world. No not like she’s being one of the men’s ladies or so, she is part of the brotherhood. Oh no I’m not kidding. She wears their patch and is treated like one of the men. Maybe better because she has some special abilities the other men don’t. Then the author throws in the twist of the agent being the one to fall for her even though he is supposed to be after her. Sizzling.


“You keep those hands where I put them, and enjoy the ride.”

Love Alexa Riley’s writing style. She has been my to-go author after those BookHangovers or any time I’m in a funk.  Her short stories are as kinky or even kinkier then a some full length novels and I can’t get enough of her smutty mind. The woman brings Daddy books to a whole new level. Batteries are not included.

“Thought you could run from me? You’re still dripping with my cum from this morning. Maybe you need more to remind you who you belong to.”

– Yaya

 *An ARC was received for an honest review.


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