Book Review: Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun


Title: Evening Storm
Author: Anne Calhoun
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 230 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars

The national bestselling author of The List continues her sinfully addictive Irresistible series…

When it comes to the wolves of Wall Street, Ryan Hamilton is the leader of the pack. But his bravado is all bluff. The bank he works for is up to it’s assets in fraud and shady deals. And thanks to pressure from the NYPD and FBI, Ryan is working as both a trader and a whistleblower. His only respite from the tension is when he parades his latest arm candy at a fancy lingerie shop.

Simone Demarchelier owns Irresistible, crafting custom high-end lingerie. So she’s more than happy that Ryan is spending a fortune on his women. But she senses that behind the hotshot facade there is something more. Something tortured and sad. And when he flies her out to the Hamptons in the shadow of a summer thunderstorm in order to fix one of her designs, she instead finds herself stuck in the opulent home with a distraught Ryan.

Is Simone the one person who can mend Ryan’s heart and soul?

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Seduction by prose: Have you ever met a man who can seduce you with words alone? Someone who may not be remarkable physically, but when he talks, the panties come off? THAT’S what drew me, um Simone, to Ryan Hamilton, and exactly what kept me turning the page well into the night.

Ryan’s the type of man who can command a room with his charisma and his innate charm rather than physicality. He works in investment banking and has come across some serious shadiness at his job. So shady that the FBI gets involved in bringing down the largest Ponzi scheme ever, kind of shady. As the whistleblower, he’s walking a tightrope – living a lie to make those in power believe he wants in, while telling the agents what they need to bring the whole house of cards down.

Simone runs her own business as a creator of high-end womens lingerie, the kind that makes Agent Provocateur look like Wal-Mart. She meets Ryan when he comes in with his latest supermodel, and the connection is immediate and intense. The power of this connection is strong and seriously came straight off my kindle.

New to me author: Ms. Calhoun managed to weave a story that normally wouldn’t float my boat and made it ride all the way down to the end of this story and beyond.  Very impressed with her writing and looking forward to reading more.

Not safe…or is it?: To maintain his high living ruse, he keeps sleeping with other women! Or does he? Ultimately every story he tells Simone is for her pleasure and there is no doubt that she gets off on the telling. I mean, I kind of needed a cigarette afterwards myself, so I understand. It’s ambiguous and I can live in those gray areas, even if that same ambiguity kept me from falling head over heels. I was seduced against my will into loving Ryan, much like Simone and I attribute that all the talent of Ms. Calhoun.

The ending: After the climax of the story, the ending didn’t resonate as much for me. It was a bit rushed and felt as if it were recapped, occurring mostly off-page. Perhaps that’s because I wanted more of Ryan’s time. What can I say? I’m greedy.


The Bottom Line [4 ½ stars]

I really enjoyed this book. This is my first Anne Calhoun, but it won’t be my last. It’s very well done and the chemistry between Ryan and Simone is stellar. I’d recommend for readers who love good prose and a bit of ambiguousness with their romance.

– Ivy

*An ARC was receieved from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.


After doing time at Fortune 500 companies on both coasts, Anne landed in a flyover state, where she traded business casual for yoga pants and decided to write down all the lively story ideas that got her through years of monotonous corporate meetings. Her first book, LIBERATING LACEY won the EPIC Award for Best Contemporary Erotic Romance and was chosen as one of NPR’s 100 Swoon-worthy Romances, and her latest novel, THE LIST, received a Starred Review from Publisher’s Weekly. Anne holds a BA in History and English, and an MA in American Studies from Columbia University. When she’s not writing her hobbies include reading, knitting, and yoga. She lives in the Midwest with her family and has successfully overcome her Starbucks addiction.


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