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Title: Make You Burn (The Deaons of Bourbon Street #1)
Author: Megan Crane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 197 pages
Rating: 3 stars

Meet the Deacons of Bourbon Street, bad boy bikers who are hell on wheels—and heaven between the sheets. Megan Crane revs up an irresistible new series co-written with Rachael Johns, Jackie Ashenden, and Maisey Yates.

Sean “Ajax” Harding’s oaths are inked into his skin. Once second-in-command of the Deacons of Bourbon Street motorcycle club, he left New Orleans to protect the brotherhood, and only the death of his beloved mentor, Priest Lombard, could lure him back. Walking into the old hangout gives him a familiar thrill—especially when he gets an eyeful of the bar’s delectable new owner. A wild ride with her is just the welcome Ajax needs. Then he realizes that she’s Priest’s daughter, all grown up and totally off limits.

Sophie Lombard loved her father, not his lifestyle. She’s done with bikers . . . until Ajax roars into town—arrogant, tough, and sexy as ever. And although he treats her like the Catholic schoolgirl he once knew, Sophie’s daydreams tend to revolve around sin. With the very real possibility of heartbreak looming, Sophie knows better than to get too close to an outlaw. But every touch from Ajax is steamier than the Louisiana bayou—and heat like this may just be worth getting burned.

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In the first Deacons of Bourbon Street book, Sean “Ajax” Harding left New Orleans ten years at the request of his President, Priest Lombard. The day Priest dies, Ajax rolls up and sees a woman walking towards the Priory, the club’s bar, wearing gold pants, headdress, tassels…and nothing else. It’s lust at first sight. Until he realizes that woman is Priest’s daughter, Sophie, and theoretically off limits. So while arranging for her father’s burial, Ajax and Sophie need to stay the hell away from each other. You know that’s not happening…but (hot and steamy) romance is.


Like the setup: MC romances are crack for me – it’s so outside my realm of experience, it fascinates me. The misogyny, the aggressiveness, the overt sexuality, the potential for a badass who is crappy to everyone else except for you (mostly)… but just reading about it leaves you feeling like that Wedding Crashers line – it’s dangerous but also safe. And here, Ajax, well…come on – how do you NOT see a certain Charlie Hunnam when you read this blurb?  I know I can’t. And that’s not a bad thing.

WTFery rating is low: Ajax is a hardcore biker with no plans to go on the straight and narrow, but it’s fairly mild as far as MC romances go. There’s alot of misogyny, but actual criminal deals and violence is mostly implied not shown. That’s why I’d rate this as a 1-2. There is potential is there for future books to get grittier, especially once they unravel what exactly happened to Priest and get to some good old fashioned revenge.

Lots of steamy, steamy sex: I could practically feel the sweltering heat of New Orleans coming off my kindle in waves while reading this book. Ms. Crane certainly likes to set the scene and there is no problem with developing the heat between Sophie and Ajax. If you’re into alot of sex and really descriptive prose, this has it in spades. But I think it’s almost too much of a good thing because…

There’s not much else: While I’m in favor of alot of great steamy sex, I would have liked more time spent developing the actual story of the Deacons MC. There’s little time devoted to what happened with Priest, what happened to Ajax when he left, and what deal went wrong that sent the MC’s top four men off in completely different directions in the first place. I understand that there will be three other books, but I would have loved to have had a solid foundation for this mystery and this club. The book’s timeline is super condensed – half of the book happens within a day of Priest’s passing and it was about 45% before the mystery of Priest’s death is even addressed.  The majority of the tale is all about the fact that Sophie and Ajax can’t keep their hands off each other. Or want each other, or are thinking about what they can do to each other.

It’s a style thing: I love descriptive prose, and the ability of an author to put me in the headspace and location of a character. That’s great – but I also need a balance between that and actual dialogue, or else it feels like the characters don’t actually speak or connect with each other, except on a physical level. There was a tendency to be very wordy and iInternal musings can take paragraphs between lines of dialogue, and it was easy to lose track of the actual conversation and what was said last because there were paragraphs of inner monologue throughout.  I thought there were opportunities to expand the story but simply glossed over, such as Ajax’s catch-up talk with Rigger that could have been used to set up the Deacons MC, but was simply glossed over and recapped which was a shame.


The Bottom Line
I liked it but I wanted more story to go with my steamy sex. But if you’re into MC romances with a high steam factor and don’t mind that it’s a bit low on plot, you may enjoy this. I have the second book queued to review and I definitely want to read Ms. Johns’ take on the Deacons MC.

– Ivy

*An ARC provided for an honest for review.


She was an accident waiting to happen.

To him, if he had anything to say about it. And he usually did.

Sean Harding—who answered only to his biker road name, Ajax, and he could count the number of times he’d had to correct someone about that on one hand—figured she was his own fucked up Welcome Back card after ten years of exile from the only home he’d ever known.

And as welcomes went, she’d do.

She was a lick of sweet sugar on a sweaty Louisiana afternoon like this one, still hot as hell in early October. She wore tight and sparkling gold hot pants that made her fine ass into a kind of bayou music, sexy and dark. She was in high, high shoes that showed off long legs made to wrap tight around a man’s back while he fucked them both through the nearest wall. She had a giant, golden, feather headdress on her head that moved when she did, a glittery mask across her eyes in case he’d forgotten he was back in the great and gritty pageant of New Orleans and all its masquerades, and most important, she wore nothing but tasseled gold pasties on her perfect, mouthwatering tits.

None of which would have been worthy of notice or comment on Bourbon Street after dark, in all its edgy commotion and the enveloping, inviting sin on all sides, but it was high noon on a goddamned Tuesday and she was moving gracefully in and out of groups of tourists in pastels and fanny packs who were still sober enough to keep their hands to themselves—if not their eyes. Or their cameras.

Home sweet fucking home, Ajax thought in a hard kind of satisfaction, following the twitch of her ass as she sauntered straight down the center of dirty, dangerous, sometimes magical Bourbon Street in the direction of the Priory, the bar that had once been the center of his entire world. Almost like she knew he was heading there now, and was leading him home like the horny, not-too-bright but clearly exhibitionist stripper he sincerely hoped she was.

Well. It had been home until ten years ago when Priest, the only version of a father Ajax had ever acknowledged, much less respected, had issued the order that changed everything. And Ajax might have told his actual, biological father to go fuck himself—a message he’d backed up with his fists, a piece of rebar, and his first arrest for assault when he’d been all of fourteen—but Priest had been the President of the Deacons of Bourbon Street Motorcycle Club and Ajax didn’t defy his MC’s orders. He’d been the VP, a position he’d fucking earned. He’d obeyed and enforced his president’s orders, even the ones he didn’t like, because they’d been good for the club and that was the only thing that had mattered to him.

It still was.

Even if that kind of blood loyalty meant he’d had to leave his beloved club, his brothers, and his city behind in the wake of a bullshit deal gone bad, all a part of Priest’s attempts to bring the once-outlaw MC over to the right side of the law. Less hassle, more money, Priest had said, and Ajax had backed him.

Ajax had always backed Priest. He’d taken an oath to the Deacons when he was sixteen, the youngest full member ever to be patched into the club, and he’d meant every word. He was a man whose oaths were inked into his skin, his promises visible art he wore on his body and had carved into it, proudly. He didn’t break his fucking promises.

He believed in the life he’d chosen. Even if he’d been exiled from that life for the past ten years.

But now Priest was dead. And that changed everything. It had brought Ajax home at last. He’d been on his bike and headed east from Houston within the hour of getting that call from the Deacons’ old lawyer.

He hadn’t particularly enjoyed the life he’d crafted for himself since he’d left New Orleans. Ajax had been an excellent mercenary, mostly because he hadn’t given much of a shit if he survived each operation. And maybe because of that, he and the outfit he’d worked for were damned good at what they did. Sometimes they’d acted as security for shady motherfuckers who wanted the nuclear option at their fingertips should shit fall apart, which it often did. Sometimes they’d operated as their own form of Special Forces for assholes who could afford to buy their own, personal armies. They sold their services to the highest bidder and they didn’t ask any questions. It was nothing Ajax hadn’t done in one form or another for his club, but it wasn’t his club.

It was never his club.

Mercenary work was a collection of dangerous men who happened to band together and might at any moment shoot each other in the back if shit went down that way, never a brotherhood. Never any kind of family.

Never a cause Ajax would consider wearing on his own skin.

Ajax had always intended to return to his home and his club one day. Preferably by riding his shit-kicking Dyna, black as sin and a hundred times louder, straight into the heart of the French Quarter with his cut on his back and his middle finger held high. But ten years of working as a hired gun in some of the world’s least hospitable places—worse, even, than the shithole shack out in the bayou where he’d been born and beaten on by his drunk asshole of a father for his first fourteen years—had taught him the value of reconnaissance and restraint. Or anyway, how to fake it when it suited him.

Thinking about ancient history and all the grief that went along with it pissed him off.

And when Ajax got pissed off, he fought or he fucked until he felt right again, and not always in that order.

So when Miss Gold Hot Pants pushed her way past a pack of drooling engineer-types, all chinos and narrow shoulders, to enter the Priory, Ajax decided it was a sign. He could keep his grief and his fury to himself. And he wouldn’t mind a quick, hot, satisfying bang in the Priory toilets to take the edge off the only version of mourning he’d allow himself, before he got down to business. It wouldn’t be the first time.



Megan Crane is a New Jersey native who had great plans to star on Broadway, preferably in Evita, just like Patti LuPone. Sadly, her inability to wow audiences with her singing voice required a back-up plan. Accordingly, she graduated from Vassar College and got her MA and PhD in literature from the University of York in England. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on AIDS literature, mostly so she could wallow in her obsession with the remarkable multimedia artist David Wojnarowicz and her idol, the bitter and hilarious David Feinberg. After many years in the rain and subject to the whim of seasons, she followed the sun to Los Angeles, where she lives with too many pets and an artist named Jeff. She is still plotting her Broadway debut.

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