Book Review: Sexy by JA Huss

Title: Sexy
Author: JA Huss @JAHuss
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 249 pages
Rating: 4 stars


Imagine the man of your dreams.

The blue eyes. The unruly blonde hair. The perfect abs. How strong his muscular thighs feel as you dig your fingernails into the denim of his jeans.
Now imagine looking up to meet his gaze as he guides you towards his belt. Offers you a new life, a new destiny, a whole new world as he teaches you how to make him moan. Coaches you in the art of being sexy.

Would you say no? Could you say no?

Fletcher Novak is that perfect man and he just made Tiffy Preston the offer of a lifetime. And all she has to do is… everything he tells her.

Grace Review

Before I get into this story, it is important to mention that this book is very different than the author’s previous work. If you didn’t notice the genre, I would consider this contemporary romance rather the author’s typical romantic suspense. And there are no dark elements with the storyline. In its place you have a sexy man, doing very sexy things, while selling sex, or the idea of it. As his motto goes, “Because sexy doesn’t sell, it’s for sale.”


On the surface, Fletcher “Fletch” has a one track mind focused on . . . sex. He’s a matchmaker by day and a stripper by night. And he’s no stranger to a one night stand. But we get brief glimpses as to who this man really is and I had the feeling there was more to the man than the image he portrays.

Fletch meets Tiffany “Tiffy” who’s an audience member at his Mountain Man strip show. Her intentions are not to enjoy the experience, but a bit more negative. Whether it is his charm or his manipulation, Fletch works hard to keep his job and keep Tiffy’s companionship. While his initial interest in her was purely sexual, it was clear to me that she meant more to him. Tiffy didn’t seem to have a clue.

While I don’t think he was aware of it, Fletch’s attraction to Tiffy made his advances, given his profession(s), seem a little cheesy/sleazy. However, if you listened carefully to what he said, which Tiffy clearly didn’t, he really has a big heart under all those sexy moves.

“Everything about you is sexy.  But not what you think.  You’re sexy on the inside.”

With the way Tiffy’s body responded to Fletch, it was clear that Tiffy shared an attraction with Fletch. But she was so focused on this idea of the perfect good guy, that she was oblivious to that attraction. Instead, she focuses all on Cole, her co-worker and crush.

On the surface, Cole seems like this great guy. Or not! I did not get this guy at all but I did suspect he was not really on the up and up. Based on appearances and their career choice, Tiffy makes assumptions about both Fletch and Cole. Fletch is the manwhore bad boy. Cole is the good stable guy. And that brings me to why I gave the rating I did.

This is a matter of opinion, and others many feel differently, BUT, I did not care for Tiffy as a heroine during most of the story. I understand insecurities, but Tiffy’s were a bit much. Every compliment by Fletch was not only treated without regard, but she assumed he was lying just to have sex with her. What really got to me was how Fletch repeatedly said “you don’t know me” when she attacked his career choices. Did she ask him one question about his life? Nooooooo. Never once did she ask why he needed money, why he choose the jobs he did, only assuming that he was greedy and loved using women. I’m not a genius, but even I picked up on some clues about his life, that Tiffy either was too blind to notice, or too set on her opinions of him to change.

“It’s not about me being good enough for you, Fletcher. It’s whether you’re good enough for me.”

Seriously? OUCH!!!

This story had all of the elements I love from this author, a sexy male lead with a good heart, some seriously sexy times, and a little twist, although nothing like the author’s previous work. The only thing missing was a strong heroine. But Claudio, her BFF, was a nice bonus. And he plays a key role in getting both to get their heads out of their asses. Go Claudio!

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



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