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Title: Complicate Me
Author: M. Robinson @AuthorMRobinson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 397 pages
Rating: 3.5 stars

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It was complicated, it was also just the beginning.
A decision.
A simple choice.
There is always that one moment in life where things could have been different. That one moment where you could have chosen a path that would lead you down a certain road.
A different life.
It was easier to pretend that we were still best friends, and that she was my girl and I was her boy.
Pretending was better than knowing the truth…
I. Ruined. Us.
I had her.
I lost her.
I love her.
All I did was complicate us.

Grace Review

What do you do when you fall in love with your childhood best friend? Do you risk friendship(s) for a chance at love?

Lucas and Alex “Half-Pint” have been friends since birth, with parents who are best friends. Alex has always been a tom boy to him, just one of the guys. And she maintained a strong relationship with Lucas, along with his other guy friends, Jaden, Dylan and Austin. Then one day, she wasn’t just one of the boys. She had become a girl. A girl Lucas was attracted to deeply. So what does Lucas do? For the questions above, he does EVERYTHING wrong.

Our first kiss was our beginning and in some ways our end.  This is where our complicated love began.

I felt bad for Lucas and Alex. They really had no support to explore the growing feeling for each other. The boys constantly mentioned how Alex was like a little sister and no guy, especially Lucas, was good enough for her. On top of that, both Lucas and Alex’s parents seemed to think that the relationship could wait. Their advice always seemed to come a the worst time, being a bit of a cockblocker.

As Lucas struggles with his feelings for Alex, he was getting a lot of peer pressure from his male buddies to lose his virginity. Enter Stacey. Grrrrr. If you’re a girl like Alex, just coming into her feminitiy and being 2 years younger than Lucas, than a girl like Stacey is your worst enemy. She’s easy on the eyes and easy in the bedroom. Lucas being a boy with growing physical needs, does what most boys do, and takes advantage of the situation. Forever changing his relationship with Alex.

The boys never thought aobut the consequences of their actions.  They acted on pure impulse.  Never contemplating that it could hurt someone in its wake.  And that wasn’t just Lucas.
It was all of them.

I was not happy with Lucas for a good part of this book. He’s so concerned about ruining things with Alex, but reacts in the most unintelligent ways, pushing her further away, into the arms of Cole. I wasn’t sure what to think of Cole. He has a great heart, and it pretty much the opposite in his treatment of Alex, which seems to make a world of difference.

What’s interesting in this story is who Lucas loves (only one) vs. who Alex loves (two). Alex would have never moved towards Cole if it wasn’t for Lucas’ actions. It seemed like the author wanted you to feel sorry for Lucas, but I sort of felt like he dug his own grave and deserved to suffer for it.

Our relationship was filled with what ifs, and maybe some days . . . It was complicated.  It was messy.  It was us.

The ongoing drama between Lucas and Alex spans years as they grow up. Just when I thought they would move to the right place, a former threat returns and it’s almost game over for this couple.

Unless you handle anxiety well, this is one of those books that you should just block off the day to read in one sitting. I know that’s what I did. As you may already realize from my review, it is full of angst that had my heart racing and hurting, while holding my kindle in a death grip yelling, “Why Lucas, why?!” I yelled that thought often. Oh yeah, Alex made mistakes too, but hers were to protect her own heart, not to hurt Lucas.

In the end, maturity, separation and a lot of heartache change both Lucas and Alex. With the years, the people who fought their relationship from the start, begin to offer more support, and that seems to make a difference. My biggest wish for this book was that there was a bit more happy time and less heartache. This couple had so many downs, and not enough ups. But as they say, time heals wounds. And yes, we do get a HEA.

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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My brown eyed girl sat on our blankets with her arms wrapped around her knees, hiding her face. The tiny frame that I adored so much shook uncontrollably, only heightening the deepest sobbing that escalated with each passing second. It was such an intimate moment, not to be shared with anyone, especially me. Alex didn’t cry. I watched her bawl for the first time in my life. I had never seen anyone cry like that before, and it shook me to my core, slicing me whole, and making me feel like I was dying. Carving a memory that I would take to my grave.

There was no going back…

No erasing.

No do overs.

No deleting.

What I witnessed tonight would be my purgatory; I would now close my eyes and forever see her falling apart in front of me. Shattering before my very own eyes and I found it hard to breathe.

Hard to move.

My feet were glued to the goddamn floor as she continued to weep, sob, bawl, violently sucking in air that wasn’t available. I accepted it all; each tear that fell from her face becoming pieces of me. Circulating through my veins and blood, it flowed endlessly, a river of her sadness and sorrow and of my broken promises. No beginning or ending to her cries, just an infinite current, flooding the hole where my heart should be. The shadow of her trembling petite body reflected off the walls, leaving a trail of regrets in its wake.




Growing up in a small town you overheard a lot of things. People talking, stories told, town gossip. You listened a lot. You learned a lot. Tourists, townies, friends, and especially family all shared wisdom and advice that you think you will never need.

Bunch of bullshit.

They say you have that one moment in life where things could have been different, that one moment that changes the course of your life or the direction you could have taken. That one moment that could forever change you and everything you wanted to be true, everything you wanted to believe.

One simple decision could alter your entire future.

My entire world.

I would forever remember this moment for the rest of my life. This is the moment that changed everything. This is the moment where I took another direction, another road that led me to my own demise.

My own regrets.

I should have walked in there. I should have apologized. I should have begged for her forgiveness. I should have promised that I would never hurt her again. I should have done whatever it took to make her look at me the way she had our entire lives.

But I didn’t…

I did none of those things…

Not one.

Nothing was said between us.

No words.

No actions.

I was a coward and couldn’t do it. I couldn’t see her like that. I couldn’t look into her eyes and know that I had hurt her. That I had disappointed her. That I ruined her love and lost her respect for me.

The boy who promised he would never hurt her.

The boy who swore he would always protect her.

The boy who vowed he would never let anything happen to her.

That same boy was me.

I was the reason she was bawling.

I was the reason she was hurt.

I was the reason she was broken.

She knew the truth. It had finally caught up to me… I shattered her illusion that I was hers. I ruined the one good thing I had in my life. The girl that owned my heart was bleeding out for me in a way that I had never seen before. The house was no longer our safe place.

I had brought my hurricane with me…

I couldn’t risk the possibility of losing her permanently if I walked in there and admitted my truths. She wouldn’t love me anymore, she wouldn’t look at me the same anymore, and she wouldn’t be mine anymore.

My brown eyed girl.

The girl that I had loved all of my life.

The same girl that I would love for the rest of my life.


I gave her the only comfort I could in her moment of despair. I turned around and left. I walked down the stairs and got into my truck. I turned the engine on and drove my sorry ass home. I took a shower and never once looked at myself in the mirror. I pretended that nothing changed.

That I didn’t cause her pain, and that she didn’t know the truth. That I didn’t see her sobbing and that she wasn’t even bawling to begin with.

That we were still just best friends, and that she was my girl and I was her boy.

My Half-Pint and her Bo.

It was better than knowing…

I ruined us.



Best Selling Author M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.

She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.

She is married to an amazing  man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.  







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