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For her, he’ll break all the rules and cross every line.

Author:  Athena Daniels

Title:  The Seer’s Daughter

Series:  Beyond the Grave, book 1
Reviewer: Tammy
Rating: 5 stars

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Release Date:  November 9, 2015

Cover Designer:



To save her, he must let go of everything he ever believed.


Upon returning to her hometown for her grandmother’s funeral, Sage Matthews is terrorized by a series of strange events. She dismisses each eerie occurrence as a by-product of her overwrought emotional state, until it becomes chillingly clear that something not of this world is desperate to get a message—or is it a warning?—through to her…

 Detective Sergeant Ethan Blade comes to Cryton, South Australia, to catch a serial killer. When Ethan meets Sage—the latest victim’s beautiful granddaughter—his attraction to her is explosive and inconvenient. He knows she’s not crazy, but Sage’s theory about the murders is unbelievable.

With the handsome detective rejecting her ideas, Sage embarks on the supernatural journey that her grandmother started. What she discovers shatters everything Sage ever knew about herself—and who she really is.

Ethan’s routine case quickly turns personal when he discovers Sage is the killer’s next target. For her, he’ll break all the rules and cross every line. But how can he protect Sage from an evil he cannot even conceive of?


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Ever hear a noise that you cannot explain? See a movement from the corner of your eye? Feel a presence that you could not understand? You are not alone! We see this and more in The Seer’s Daughter.

Someone and some“thing” is after Sage. Sage is mourning the loss of her sweet as pie filled with light grandmother. But it is becoming clear that something does not want her back in her old home by the experiences that keep happening to her. Enter Ethan who is assigned to the case of her grandmother’s murder. He is one for solid facts and tangible evidence. So when Sage keeps saying that it is not of this world for what is happening to her he just cannot believe. Will that change? What is evident is the immense attraction for each other. It is becoming difficult to keep the professional relationship. Will they or won’t they?

I must admit that I had to keep the lights on while reading. “But, Tammy it is just a book.” Yeah, well, it may be just a book but the author did such an excellent job with setting the scenes and describing what was going on so well that I was creeped out!  When they saw something you saw it. When they heard something you heard it. When they were creeped out you were. The plot line was plotted well that nothing was out of place and there was no confusion to what was going on. Smooth and crisp this story was and all of it had to do with the writing. I would get the spooky feeling that was desired from this writer. If you like creepy with some steam thrown in, this is for you! This is in the third person and usually I am allergic to stories written this way but it enhanced the story so much that I did not even notice as I normally would.

I am definitely intrigued to see what comes next!

– Tammy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.



Athena Daniels lives on the northern beaches of sunny Western Australia where she writes romantic suspense, romantic thrillers and erotic suspense.

The author of Desperate, The Seer’s Daughter is her second novel. When she is not writing, you will find her at the beach, or under a tree with a coffee and a good book.

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