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Title: If You Dare
Author: A.R. Torre @ReadAlessandra
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 368 pages
Rating: 4 stars

Equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades, this is the eagerly awaited new novel from A. R. Torre, author of the award winning erotic thriller, The Girl in 6E.

The rules are the same. I can’t open the door. I can’t leave. I can’t kill anyone.
The only difference is, I don’t set the rules anymore. Guards in grey uniforms do. It is everything I never wanted and everything I always deserved. I write to you now, from a prison cell. My home for the next twenty to thirty years.
That’s the going term for murder.

YaYa's Review

I will kill him. Slowly. Seductively. Painfully. I will kill him.

What did I like about this book?
Deanna Madden is the life of this series. You must start with The Girl in 6E to understand where it all began, otherwise you will be lost. These books must be read in order.

Deanna is a very complex character, but once you give her a chance, you’re sucked right into her mind. She was my very first female psychopath. Refreshing. A new character. One who I needed to know why such evil consumed her every thoughts. Can and should she be saved? Should she fall in love and how? Death is always on her mind. Why would I want to read about such character? I felt for her. Underneath it all, there is some good inside of her. Maybe not a lot, but they are there. Especially around Jeremy.


Jeremy is my person; I only have two of them in the world. You do not fuck with my people; I will fight you to your death to protect them, I will climb buildings to kill you slowly over a drop of their blood.

Jeremy is another reason why I love this series. He is her person. The one who’s managed such a break- through in her life. Me personally I don’t think she’d ever kill him. Anyone else, without a doubt, but he makes her feel things she can’t explain. He is the only thing good in her life. You can say their relationship is based on a lie because she doesn’t tell him all of the truth. She tells him what she thinks he needs to hear not realizing after all they’ve been through Jeremy is here to stay. We all know relationships can’t be based on lies. Soon it will catch up to you.


In the first book we learn why she’s built her walls and doesn’t like the outside world. To protect others from her. She knows she is dangerous. In the second book it was a little of her hidden world coming at her while Jeremy and her one actual friend Mike come to her help and vice versa. That was all sorts of crazy. I forgot to mention she webcams as a way of making ends meet. She has to make money in order to support her lifestyle.  How else do you expect a person who never leaves their appointment survive?


So now in the third book, it’s betrayal. Deanna questioning her own madness. Questioning what she feels for Jeremy. How will what’s unraveled now have an effect on this relationship they worked so hard to build? Will she lose the little bit of sanity she has left? This also leads to the next question of my review.

What I didn’t like about the story?
There are characters like Mike and Simon who have been in the series since the first book. Others came in and out to fit into the storyline.  I want to know more about this new girl. I have some unfinished business with her.

I also have unfinished business with Jeremy. There has to be more to that. I beg that there is.  I’ve come to terms with the consequences after thinking for a couple of hours. I’m not even upset, but I do have hope. I’ll hold on to that.

What I didn’t like doesn’t compare or come close to what I liked about the story. I don’t like being left with unanswered questions.

I love him because he looks at me like I’m normal. 

If You Dare to me was more emotional. Raw. A bigger glimpse at what Deanna is capable of out of fear, vengeance and love. I can’t get enough of her.  Luckily at the end of the book the author wrote in that she is not done with Deanna. Bless her. I’m one happy reader. It’s a farewell for now, not a complete goodbye. Maybe one day she will give Deanna a “normal” life. Nahhh. That would be boring.

I recommend for everyone to get on the Deanna train. It’s a bumpy ride but you’ll be fine. Fun Times if you like mind-fuckery and the crazies. Happy Readings!



– Yaya

*An ARC was received for an honest review.


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