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Title: Fahrenheit
Author: Alex Rosa @oh_alexrosa
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4 stars

Lauren Michaels is exhausted with the push and pull of copy editing for Los Angeles’s woman’s magazine, Frenzy, which caters to pop culture, style, and above all, sex.

She wants to write for the magazine rather than edit, but her boss is convinced that Lauren’s conservative tendencies won’t fit in with the risqué nature of what Frenzy is about.

Convinced to make her mark, Lauren begs for the chance to prove herself.

Her mission? To investigate the growing popularity of sex clubs in Los Angeles, and figure out how the sensual underworld functions.

Out of her element, Lauren starts her search with pen and paper in hand at a local sex shop, hoping she’ll find a trail that leads to the lairs of sex and fetishes. Instead, it leads her to Nathan Sanders. He’s daunting, charming, and a little too dark and mysterious for her taste, but Lauren knows he’s what she needs as her way in.

What she doesn’t see coming is that Nathan is all too willing to invite her to a nightclub she’s only ever heard stories about, and also the fact that Nathan know’s Lauren doesn’t have a clue what she’s getting herself into.

This could be fun, they said. There’s no harm in it, they agreed.

Little do they know, a little research can serve up some unexpected results.

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Grace Review

Can a control obsessed/missionary-position type girl ler down her guard and put her trust in someone else?  That’s the ultimate question when Lauren “Lo” Michaels gets an assignment to explore the sex club scene in LA, in order to obtain a promotion with her magaizine.

What Lauren, her boss, her roommate, and just about everyone else, didn’t expect, is that she’d explore that scene on a personal level. This all happens with an invitation to Fahrenheit, LA’s dark secret club, made to her by a stranger in a sex shop.  The whole set up is a bit odd, yet funny.

“Please take me to this secret society of sex.”
(for some reason, this wording made me think of something our reviewer Ivy would say, lol)

I’m not sure what genre this book was labeled as, but it is an interesting mix of hot and humoroous. Usually with erotica, the books are intense as one’s control is tested.  And this book has that, where her ultra secretive companion, Nathan Sanders, tests Lauren’s limits within the walls of Fahrenheit.  That sexiness is counterbalanced with Lauren’s awkwarkness and funny inner monologue.

“Shit, shit, shti,” I whisper, watching this wobbling dick bounce around on the linoleum.  I’m hopping back and forth, because it’s rolling around as if it’s  chasing me.

Lauren and Nathan share an immediate attaction.  They also share secrets.  For Lauren, I was surprised and pleased how quickly she revealed her secret about her story.  It could have easily been used as a drama plot, and I’m glad the author didn’t take us down that route.  For Nathan, he is all secrets, although nothing bad, I promise.  He simply wants to have a good fuck, or several in this case, with no strings attacted.  During their time together, they aren’t to share anything personal about each other.  Instead, they open up to each other physically.

“Control.  Are you exhausted with it?” he asks.
“I am.”

Just like any romance story, while the characters try to put on airs that it’s all about pleasure, feelings ultimately get in the way.  It’s how these two characters navatage those feelings is truly the heart of this story.

While this book is a standalone, it sets us up for book two, which is Lauren’s roommate, Garret’s story.  Lauren pinned for Garret for years, and of course, like all stupid men, he sees her in a new light as she begins spending time with Nathan.  I loved how Lauren gave her friend some tough love.

“Don’t push your judgment on me because you can’t figure out how you feel.”

He certainly deserved it with how he toyed with her emotions over the years.  Given how everything works out for Lauren, I’m interested to see where his story leads.

Overall, this is an enjoyable story.  It was great to read some erotica, even if it was on the light side.  That genre seems to be missing from my current reads, and this book reminded me how much I’ve missed it.  *adjusts TBR list*

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.





Alex Rosa lives in San Diego, California. When she isn’t scouring city parks or cafe’s to write she is more than likely trying to convince her friends to join her on her next adventure. A sufferer of wanderlust, she is always looking for a new mountain to climb, a canyon to hike, or a plane to board. Her resume consists of coroner, to working at a zoo, and most recently as an executive assistant, but finds her home amongst words, whether it be in books, or in film. Her obsessions are on the brink of bizarre, but that’s just the way she likes it.










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