2015 Shortie Awards: Reader’s Poll


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Shortie Awards!!!
(it’s like the Shorty Awards, only better)

This has been another amazing year for us as readers and I’m sure you will agree.  A lot of authors stepped out and really pushed the romance genre to a new level.  Over the next week, we will be celebrating those books we loved with each After Dark Shortie reviewer getting their own day to reveal their top reads for 2015.  In addition, we’ll give our followers a chance to vote on their favorites.

Here’s the schedule:
12/17 Readers Poll – ends on 12/23 at 8pm EST
12/18 Ivy’s Picks
12/19 Tammy’s Picks
12/20 Rachel’s Picks
12/21 Grace’s Picks
12/22 Yaya’s Picks
12/23 Michelle’s Picks
12/24 Readers Poll – winners revealed

So, without further delay, it is time to vote!

Final note: If you are wondering why we had no dark categories, we did that poll in October.  ; )


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  1. Michell Casper says:

    What a great year of book releases! Thank you to all the authors for the amazing stories you create and for spending your time and all the great giveaways. May 2016 be even better.

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