Book Review: The Confessions by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Confessions
Author: @tiffanyreisz
Reviewers: @Michelle6803 @MrsCintron @RachelAnn901
Genre: Erotica
Length: 140
Rating: 5 stars


Three Sinners. Three confessions. And all the dirty little secrets you could possibly desire…

Father Stuart Ballard has been Marcus Stearns’ confessor since the young Jesuit was only eighteen years old. He thought he’d heard every sin the boy had to confess until Marcus uttered those three fateful words: “I met Eleanor.”

So begins the 40-page “The Confession of Marcus Stearns,” a moving coda to the RITA® Award-winning Original Sinnersseries. Originally published as a limited-edition paperback for the 2014 RT Booklovers’ Convention, and available worldwide for the first time.
This collection also includes “The Confession of Eleanor Schreiber,” a companion 36-page story written exclusively for The Confessions.

And, finally, all secrets are revealed in “The Confession of Tiffany Reisz,” an exclusive, in-depth interview.


Michelle's Review

Last year Tiffany Reisz mentioned that she was taking Confessions of Marcus Stearns with her to RT and only had a handful of paperbacks.  I think I asked her via Twitter if it would be available on ebook or will she be selling it on paperback, at that time she said no, but who knew if eventually.  To say that I was a little sad last year, is putting it mildly.  I think Tiffany took pity on all her Sinners and begged her publisher to come out with The Confessions.  Not only do we get Søren’s confession, but we get Nora’s and Tiffany’s.  I will never tell which one was my favorite because truthfully they were all my favorite.  Søren’s confession takes place during the White Years (The Saint and The King). Nora’s confession is present-day events of The Virgin and The Queen.  Please, if you haven’t read The Red or White Years, you can’t read The Confessions.  Go one click or borrow from the library this wonderful series.

Can I just say, and I’m sure Yaya and Rachel will agree with me, Father Ballard is the bomb dot com.  Me being a Catholic, I wish there was a Priest like him in my parish to confess my sins because not only would he be playing Guns N’ Roses during my confession, but he is an awesome listener.  Let me quickly explain “Reconciliation” in Roman Catholic terms means, the sacrament of penance.  When Søren shows up after six months from his last confession, Father Ballard asks “What’s her name?”.  When you read Soren’s confession, you will see his love and vulnerability, yeah I was pretty amazed to see that as well.  The feels I keep having for Søren gets more stronger.  I will confess to you all right now that when I started the OS, I wasn’t a fan of Søren , but as I continued reading the rest of the series, my heart grew to love Søren .

The second confession is Nora’s.  Now Father Ballard is in his 80s when Nora shows up for confession after promising her mother before she died that she would confess her sins, not to Søren, but to a different Priest.  Previously, I mentioned Søren’s vulnerability, but really the most vulnerable in the story is Nora.  It was both touching and heartbreaking. We all know and love Nora for her funny and Dominatrix ways, but when you see the human part of her, that right there is how you fall in love with her all over again.  Oh but the flirty and funny banter between Father Ballard and Nora is downright adorable.

Well, Tiffany Reisz’s confession was more of an interview she had with Cyndy Aleo back in January.  A lot of the Q&A’s I knew more or less from previous interviews, but we get some new content that has me very excited regarding our Sinners.  I love how Tiffany is pretty much an open book and will answer almost anything you ask.  At the end of the interview, we are given a run down of factoids regarding  our Sinners which we may or may not have known.

After reading these confessions, it made me want to re-read this entire series which I will real soon because I miss Søren , Nora and Kingsley and the rest of the Original Sinners. I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

“Now if the choir would just break into a verse or two of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Father Ballard could die happy and smile all the way to Heaven.”

When Søren  begins his confession and he says Nora, Father Ballard says:  “Lovely name.  I hope she’s beautiful enough to warrant ruining your life over.”

“She’s sixteen, she’s tenacious, and you want to fuck her.” (Father Ballard to Søren, and Søren’s response) “I’m in love with her.”

“Every breath I take could be my last.  I know loving her is a risk, … But I can’t walk away from her.”

“She…she makes me laugh.  I feel human with her.  I don’t feel human very often, but I do with her.”

“She has a fearlessness to her I’ve never encountered before.  She’s not afraid of me.  She’s not afraid of anything.  She’s smart, dangerous, manipulative, and utterly untamable.”

When Father Ballard meets Nora for the first time:  Well, well, well, …. We meet a last, don’t we?  “I have to say…I thought you’d be taller.”  “I get that a lot.  I have a tall personality.”


YaYa's Review

Thank you Mick (yes I call her this after the Original Sinners’ very own Michael) for saying everything I wanted to say and more. Let’s also mention we met on Twitter because of this series.

I’m grateful for the short stories Tiffany leaves us during Christmas and so. They are like small Sinners dosages of what happened before, in between or after the novels. I need them. We need them. How delightful it was to read Søren and Nora’s confessions. There’s never a dull moment with those two. What was even better was that it was something I didn’t know. Tiffany does that. Always something to learn.

I think what Tiffany was trying to show here was a little of their weaknesses. No matter how big and bad Nora is or how good she is behind that whip, or how Søren may be able to put the fear on someone by just looking at them, they were human after all. Insecurities arise in any kind of relationship. Even to those who seek God.

Tiffany, I never thought you were Nora and I can’t wait for what the future holds for your Sinners.

Happy Readings💋

Yaya, After Dark Book Lovers



Tiffany Reisz is the gift that keeps on giving. She gives and gives and gives and just when you think she can’t give anymore, she drops this beautiful gem of a novella in our laps. If she and Nora have taught us anything it’s that incredibly wonderful things can come in small packages, and The Confessions is just another example of that. I was sure I was never going to be able to read this when Reisz originally wrote it as the limited edition The Confession of Marcus Stearns, and I just want to send a big thank you to the publishers and Tiffany for giving her readers the chance to experience this because this novella is an absolute must for anyone who is a fan of The Original Sinners series.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been six months since my last confession.”
“What happened six months ago?”
“I met Eleanor.”

Any confession that begins with “I met Eleanor” has got to be good. Knowing what we know about these people and everything they will go through, never has a line held so much promise and excitement for me. The Confessions is essentially divided into three parts. Part one is Søren’s confession, part two is Nora’s confession, and the end closes out with an in depth Q&A with the woman herself, Tiffany Reisz. These confessions highlight some of the things I love best about her writing. One being that she can take a story and characters that I know like the back of my hand and make me see them all in a new light. Each new book or short story adds another layer to these already complex people. Søren has always seemed like one of those people who is so sure of himself, and it was so interesting seeing a side of him that was filled with uncertainty and anguish and a desire to want to do right by Eleanor whatever that may be. He’s certain of his love for her and his love of the church, but he feels anguish over whether it’s a sin and what kind of life it will be for her, he feels anguish over his desire to hurt her. Even though this isn’t in his POV, any time he speaks about Nora I feel like I get a peek inside his soul. And every time he talks about his love for her I fall a little bit more in love with him.

“I want to tie her up, beat her black and blue, and fuck her until she bleeds. You know why that fantasy troubles me?”
“Tell me.”
“Because it’s the tamest one I have about her.”
“I never meant to act on that love, only to enjoy it, rejoice in it… I could be an astronomer and she every star in the night sky. We’d never touch, of course. No astronomer ever touched a star. But I could live for her light…”

As for Nora her confession surprised me the most. She seeks out Father Ballard to confess her sins in order to fulfill a promise to her mother. What exactly does Nora confess and what does she need absolution for? Again Tiffany adds another layer to Nora, and I was touched by the vulnerability expressed by such a fearless and confident woman. She’s another one who’s seems so sure of the relationships in her life, but when she’s confronted with something unexpected, it hurts and she doesn’t understand why. When she breaks down, I could feel my heart breaking with hers.

“That’s something special, something beautiful. It’s a diamond in his heart, and he kept that diamond hidden from me. And he shouldn’t have kept it hidden. He didn’t have to give me that diamond. He just had to show it to me. Because it’s so…fucking…sweet. Isn’t it?”

Lastly I want to mention Father Ballard because, like Michelle said, he is awesome and it reminds me of the other thing I love about Tiffany’s writing. Her ability to take a character I know nothing about and make me fall in love with them instantly. All of the characters that she creates are memorable and leave a lasting impression. The Confessions is told from Father Ballard’s perspective and I loved everything about him. His humor, his compassion, his views on religion. I found myself thinking what I usually think when I read one of stories which is, “I wish he was a real person.” Sadly these people don’t exist in the real world so I guess I’ll just have to settle for reading about them. Thankfully Tiffany Reisz has given us another gift of a story where I can revisit all of my favorite characters when I miss them, and for that I will be eternally grateful to her.

“Is loving her a sin?”
“No. Love is never a sin. If it’s a sin it’s not love. And if it’s love it’s not a sin.”

– Rachel

*An ARC was for an honest review.

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