Book Review: A Dance for Him by Lara Richard

A Dance

Title: A Dance For Him
Author: Lara Richard
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: New Adult
Length: 232 pages
Rating: 3.5 stars


How many rules would you break for the one person who makes you feel alive?

A long-term plan …

Smart, feisty working-class student Paige Lytton is saving up for law school by stripping at a club once a week. She studies hard to maintain her perfect GPA, so her social life consists of steamy daydreams about her professor, Sebastian Morland.

She’d love to do more than fantasize about him, but that would ruin both their lives. Besides, Sebastian, a well-known writer and scion of a wealthy family, would never be interested in Paige.

Or so she thinks.

A short-term agreement …

Sebastian hasn’t written a word in years. Paige, his favorite student, is a bright spot in a less-than-fulfilling life — so when he finds out she’s working at a strip club, he’s horrified … even as the knowledge fuels his own forbidden appetites.

To keep Paige safe, he offers her a deal: dance privately for him … at his home. But Sebastian knows his motives aren’t as pure as he’d like to pretend.

Running out of time …

Before long, Paige and Sebastian are forced to admit that their secret arrangement is more personal than business … that their dance springs from their deepest longings. Caught between guilt and desire, they surrender to the forbidden flame that burns between them.

But now the man who’s been stalking Paige has discovered the truth about their clandestine meetings. Will he bring their lives — and any chance at a future together — crashing down around them?


Here we have a student/professor romance with dueling POVs.  We have 20-year-old Paige who has been crushing on her English Literature Professor Dr. Sebastian Morland.  He is not an old geezer, but a 30-year-old professor, he too has been having lustful thoughts of his student Paige, but he keeps those thoughts to himself, well that is until he sees her in a different light.  Paige is a stripper on the weekends to help pay for rent and save up for law school.  Most young women turn to exotic dancing to help pay for their education.  Although Paige is a stripper, she is still very “innocent”.

Sebastian is aghast to say the least to see his favorite student as a stripper, couple with the fact that one of the guys he’s hanging out with is known as the “creeper” by the girls at the club.  Sebastian makes a very titillating offer to Paige and after some thought, she gives his offer a yes.  After several days of giving Professor Morland private dances in his home, the sexual tension was sky high.  Paige felt a connection with Sebastian, but after her private dances for him, it felt weird, that is until the sexy Professor couldn’t help himself.

I appreciated the dueling POV, I could understand why Paige needed to strip.  She’s a smart cookie.  Although Sebastian is kind and a great professor, he was a super Alpha male with dominant tendencies in the bedroom.  It was really hot to read his dirty talk.

This was a quick read and I really liked it, I just wanted more of a story between Paige and Sebastian.  So if you’re looking for a hot, quick, student/teacher romance, this is the one for you.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.





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