Book Review: Denial by Lisa Renee Jones


Title: Denial (Careless Whispers #1)
Author: @LisaReneeJones
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 321 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


Book one in the CARELESS WHISPERS series. This is a standalone spin-off of the INSIDE OUT series (soon to be a TV show) that follows Ella Ferguson, Sara McMillan’s best friend.

Ella Ferguson awakes alone in Italy, unsure of who she is, and a gorgeous man has claimed her as his own. He’s tall, dark, and sexy, with money and power, the kind of man who makes a girl want to be possessed. And he does possess her, whispering wicked wonderful promises to her, stealing her trust and her heart. Soon though, the past finds her, yanking her from a cocoon of passion and safety. Everything is not how it seems. The truth will shatter her world, but it can set her free, if it doesn’t destroy her first.


Finally, Ella’s story!  You may or may not know what the heck I am talking about.  For those who have read the Inside/Out Series, you all know what I am talking about, for those who haven’t you can still read this book, but I will warn you, it has a cliffhanger.  Should you read the Inside/Out series beforehand? Not necessarily, but I would suggest you add to your TBR.  Moving on.

Ella finds herself waking up in a strange hospital in a foreign country, specifically, Italy.  When she opens her eyes to a blonde hair/blue eyed man which she deems “beautiful”.  Kayden is the tall, dark and handsome man that “saved” her and brought her to the hospital.  Ella has no recollection as to how or why she ended up in the hospital.  Kayden tells her that her situation leads to mob ties.  Kayden is very mysterious himself.  He’s is super alpha that’s for sure, but I have a feeling that he’s holding his story to Ella’s situation.  Ella gets glimpse into her past, she remembers few things here and there, either through a trigger or nightmares.  Kayden is trying to help Ella remember her past.  How can you find out about a missing person when there isn’t even a missing person’s report?

The chemistry between Ella and Kayden is super-hot, but you can sense Kayden holding himself.  There’s also Detective Gallo, I cannot wait to hear the backstory between Kayden and Gallo.

To say that I am still a little frustrated (not in a bad way) that I still haven’t gotten my answers to why or how Ella ended up in Italy is putting it mildly.  You get bits and pieces through Ella’s spotted memory, but not all the answers.  This book is full of suspense and mystery.  I cannot wait to read Demand (note: Demand is already released).

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided via Net Galley for an honest review.



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