Book Review: Restored by Kate Canterbary


Title: Restored (The Walsh series #5)
Author: @KateCanterbary
Reviewer: Michelle & Ivy @Michelle6803 @PoisonIvy70
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 199 pages
Rating: 5 stars

Release Date: July 12, 2016


He’s still a flawed perfectionist.

She’s still wildly independent.

Now they’re making their own rules.

M & I

Michelle: Author lady (that is our pet name for her in her private group) has done it yet again.  When this ARC arrived in my Kindle app., I could not wait to download it and start reading it, so much so, that I stopped reading my m/m book to get to Restored.  Now that’s love for this author, me having to put down an m/m book, but I digress.

Ivy: I hung on a little longer, but only by a thread. It was worth the wait though. Ms. Canterbary (I’m still shy and her writing brain awes me) has crafted the perfect postscript to her book, Necessary Restorations.

Michelle: Ok, which brings us to this: 1) you need to have read Necessary Restoration before diving into Restored. If you haven’t read the other books (and seriously, why not?) they are, in order: a) Underneath It All; b) The Space Between; c) Necessary Restoration (see above) and; d) The Cornerstone. Plus, what the hell are you waiting for?  Underneath it all is free people!  Here is my review of Necessary Restorations for your viewing pleasure.

Ivy: Yeah, what she said. *blinks*

Michelle: Now if you are like me and read Necessary Restoration, maybe you felt that Sam and Tiel’s story was not finished, I am so happy they kept talking to the author and made her continue their story.

Restored 1

Ivy: YES! I really enjoyed NR and I gave it four stars, because the writing is so on point and the characterizations so strong, but I did think the ending wasn’t as … thorough as it could have been. So reading this just made me all kinds of happy to see that dot placed at the end of their sentence, so to speak.

Michelle: A lot of new information is thrown at us which is a great thing.  You will get a very small glimpse as to why Shannon and Erin are in the outs, but not the whole story.

Ivy: I loved getting to see a little more of their family dysfunction, yet I think Shannon and Erin’s inevitable confrontation should be in Erin’s book. *crosses fingers*

Michelle: Riley, oh Riley, I just want to adopt Riley.  He is still a wardrobe challenged, spilling food and drink, wears a man bun and beard kind of guy, but he has grown a lot especially in the family business.  He is STILL the keeper of all secrets.

Ivy: Oh I want to do things that would make adopting him ALL sorts of wrong. *blinks* But, um, yes, he is the one character that we’re seeing come into his own as the series progresses. The others felt a little more grown up, but Riley’s the one who I want to see fall in love. And also have sex…hey I’m shallow like that.

Michelle: *shakes head and rolls eyes*

Michelle: I still hate Angus Walsh, but Tiel’s family comes a close second.  What awful people.

Ivy: I loathe her family with the heat of a thousand suns. Maybe because I’ve known (and been related to) judgy folks, but I can so relate to Tiel and her foibles. She really is my favorite Walsh heroine.

Michelle: I really loved seeing how Sam and Tiel’s relationship progressed with their “honest tree” although sometimes, they still held back a little.  You also learn more why Sam was such an a-hole towards Shannon.

Ivy: That has been the joy of this book. I always love a good paradigm shift and seeing certain scenes from a different character perspective, gives such a depth and richness to the storytelling. I was way impressed with the way Ms. Canterbary managed to weave these different POVs together from book to book, so each side is fully explored.

Michelle: And to all the Magnolia (a/k/a Gigi) haters, can you all retract your claws now please, thanks.

Ivy: Exactly. It’s all about the paradigm shift again. Gigi was an easy target to hate (well, at the very least be annoyed with), but Ms. Canterbary doesn’t do easy. That’s the mark of an excellent writer.

Michelle: Sam is still a filthy, let me spank that ass, alpha man, swoon.

“I intend to fuck you hard enough that you’ll black out and forget this entire day.  The only memory you’ll have is my handprint on your ass.”

Yeah, good times.

Ivy: *eyes glaze over* Hmmm? I’m sorry I was distracted by his dirty, dirty, lovely mouth. Seriously, there’s solid character building and dirty smut. It’s like fucking Christmas in July for me.

Michelle: Restored did not disappoint whatsoever!  It gave me lots of answers, lots of laughs and plenty of tears.  I was at a waterpark reading Restored, and I looked like a crazy person either laughing out loud or crying like a baby.  I am pretty sure the lovely ladies sitting next to me either thought I was someone out of the insane asylum or just quirky, we will go with option number 2.

Ivy: No lie, I read it in one sitting, ignoring the hellacious heat and pretty much my entire family (hubby and fur babies) because I didn’t want to put my kindle down. I laughed out loud (some of the curses are SO being added to my repertoire) and I sniffled, then laughed and aww’d some more.

Michelle: I don’t know what else to say because I really do not want to give too many spoilers.  You just need to one-click this baby on July 12, 2016.  Now before you start asking for the next book and please DO NOT ASK IF IT IS RILEY’S BOOK, IF YOU DO, SHE HAS THREATENED TO KILL HIM OFF, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, it is slated for December 2016.

Thank you Ms. Canterbary for letting me into the Walsh world with your magical words.  I have all the feels and then some.

Ivy: What she said!

There you have it – another Shorties approved read. Go out and get Kate Canterbary’s Walsh Series. You won’t regret it.

Ivy, can we make #Cuntcakes a thing?  I think I will be hashtagging that little nugget for awhile!

Restored 2

– Michelle & Ivy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.


Book 1, Underneath It All: Amazon US – Amazon UK
Book 2, The Space Between: Amazon US – Amazon UK
Book 3, Necessary Restorations: Amazon US – Amazon UK
Book 4, The Cornerstone: Amazon US – Amazon UK
Book 5, Restored: Amazon US – Amazon UK

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