Book Review: Dirty Thirty by Asa Akira


Title: Dirty Thirty: A Memoir
Author: Asa Akira @asaakira
Reviewers: Tammy @tammyvoiced & Grace
Genre: Memoir
Length: 278 pages
Rating: 3.5 stars


Get Inside Asa Akira!

The world knows her as a porn star. . . but it’s her way with words that will touch you again and again. As she contemplates turning thirty years old while still being in the adult film trade, Asa Akira delves into her past, present, and future, exploring the events that brought her to where she is now and the surprising and insightful plans she has for her future. Asa’s perceptive, funny, and straightforward writings on love, sex, death, marriage and celebrity come together in this surprising book of essays that will have you laughing hysterically one minute and deep in reverent thought the next. Personally revealing as well as universal, Dirty Thirty marks the coming of age of a new literary star.

Tammy review

I knew who Asa Akira was before I got an email enlisting her new book as one to sign up to review. Yes, this means I watch porn. I have been “enlightening” myself with this form of entertainment for years.

This would be a bit of a change from fiction, so I thought, “Why not?” and signed up.

I actually follow Asa on Twitter (along with a few other “entertainers”) and knew that she was fluent in sarcasm but sometimes non-fiction authors will stray from that and I am glad that she did not. The read was fluent in my second language of sarcasm. But I was also able to detect when she was being serious with her words.

Asa touched on all aspects of her life.
Her marriage, past not so good habits, the neurotic beauty regimes and new procedures that are all the rage, her adventures, family, friends, the industry, her love of wanting to get fat, and her hate of salads. Some I will mention, some you will have to read to find out more about.

She has been married twice. Most currently to Toni – a performer and how she met him. The first year was rough but they found out things that work for them. Several being that they have separate bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. I thought this over and it is genius! I crave space and when I had to share it, it drove me crazy!

The business is one that you are constantly on show, shocking right?! So she is often times Googling the newest trends and trying them at least once. For example: leeches. No thanks!

The Industry:
She truly loves what she does. We see some performers that do it because it can pay well. She does travel a lot for dancing gigs and appearances. It is a constant, go, go, go. Spiegler, her manager is one of her closest friends and some of the things she shared were hilarious. Her lifestyle may be unconventional but her friendships are not.

Wanting to get fat:
She loves pizza but is a slave to salads.
So when she retires, salads will be tossed (heh) to the side and hello carbs!

Her Haikus, while not ones my 12th grade AP English teacher would appreciate, but for me they were hilarious, creative and genius. Just an added bonus to the book.

This was completely refreshing, the only issue I really had was that it was not long enough, I wanted to know more. My attention was captured the entire time. Asa’s writing was smooth and flowed easily from one page to the next. Whether you watch porn or not, are not easily offended then I say you need to read this! But if you are offended easily and do not like certain language or situations, or not so quaint aspects on topics, then do not pass go.

Next, she needs to write a book solely of dirty Haikus. *wink wink nudge nudge buzz buzz*

– Tammy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

Grace Review

If you know me, you know I love porn.
And while I love porn, the really dirty kind, I have never truly understood the people who perform it. Do they do it because they HAVE to do it? Or do they truly enjoy doing it? I also have always been wondering how someone in the industry has a healthy relationship outside of it.

So when I saw that a popular porn star, Asa Akira, had a new book coming out, I didn’t hesitate to add it to my TBR. Did it answer all of my questions? Surprisingly, yes.

There was a lot that I liked about this story.
Asa has an interesting sense of humor and is quite thorough in her critique of herself. I particularly enjoyed her Haikus.

Still in bed at noon
Everyday is Saturday
When you are a whore

In this story, she doesn’t try to paint herself as the perfect woman. Drugs have ruled a big part of her life, and I’m actually shocked that she never ODd. But was even more surprising was how she embraced her sexuality with no shame. Quite the opposite. Since her days in high school, she actually enjoyed being called a slut. It’s clear she has a healthy sex drive and desire to experience new “firsts”.

This book not only gave an in-depth look into her life as a porn star, but also her life married to a fellow porn star, Toni Rabas. And she answered one question that I have always wondered – yes porn stars have jealousy issues too. However, where she drew the line was so much different than I expected. I could never put myself in her role, but I liked how she and Toni, learned to set rules in place, so as to not intentionally hurt the other. On the set sex with another was one thing they accepted, off the set was not. I also loved how she laid out her rules to a successful marriage. Would every suggestion work for every couple? No, but I thought a lot of the ideas made a lot of sense.

My only critique of the story would be that the author didn’t seem to decide on the method in which she wanted to tell her story. There is no distinct timeline, bouncing from youth to present repeatedly. Also, some parts were full chapters of events in her life, switching to journal entries, and then reflections on her life. So while I liked all of the pieces, I wished they would have been organized to make the book flow better.

Overall, this was a pleasant surprise. I thought the book was honest and gave me a lot of insight into an industry I only know through videos. Asa is unapologetic about who she is and highlights why she wouldn’t change a single thing with the direction her life has taken. Porn lovers like myself now get to see the person behind the cum shot.

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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Asa Akira is a Japanese-American actress who has appeared in over 300 adult films. Her many awards include AVN’s “Performer of the Year” award in 2013. In addition to acting and writing, she hosts a regular podcast on sex and relationships and is the author of Insatiable: Porn – a Love Story.

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