Book Review: Game Saver by BJ Harvey

Game Saver


Title: Game Saver (Game #3)
Author: @bjharveyauthor
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: 216 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


From the USA Today bestselling author of the Bliss series comes a new spin off series featuring your favorite Bliss series characters who are yet to meet their match. Now it’s Cade and Abi’s turn.

How do you know when fake turns real?

Abi Cook lives her life by her own rules. She works hard, plays hard, and knows who she is and where she wants to be.

Following a repeat one-night stand with the dashing Dr. Cade Carsen, Cade asks Abi for a favor: be the fake girlfriend on his arm for the duration of his father’s mayoral campaign.

Never one to turn down a challenge, she doesn’t hesitate. I mean, who wouldn’t when all that’s involved is a little fake girlfriending with a side of hot sex, and with Doctor Hottie no less?

But like any Game, there are always twists and turns, unexpected players, villains, heroes and ultimately, winners and losers.

Game Saver is the story of what happens when two happily single people try for something less, but end up with something so much more.


As so my holiday reading with B.J. Harvey continued with Game Saver, which was my favorite in the Game Series.  We met Abi Cook in Game Maker, she’s best friend and former roommate of Danika Roberts.  We also met Cade Carsen in Game Player, when at first he was interested in Mia Roberts.  You know, if you read this series, you will start thinking this is an incestious bunch, but not really lol.

Ten months ago, Abi and Cade hooked up and had the hottest sex ever.  Before I continue, let me give you a little background on our couple.  Abi is a hotel manager by day and on occasion, a stripper by night (I will get back to this in a moment).  Caden Carsen, III is an ER Attendant and didn’t have time for relationship while a resident, but he cannot stop thinking about Abi and their one time encounter.  He needs a favor from Abi, he wants Abi to be his fake girlfriend and mother buffer.  You see his dad is running for Mayor and his mom, who is overbearing and wants her son to settle down so he needs someone to show off during these occasions with his parents.  Oh how I loathed his parents, but I will come back to that in a moment.

Abi by far is one of my favorite type of heroine to read.  She’s smart, sassy and knows what she wants out of pleasure and has no qualms is giving back the same as she gets.  You know that when these two hook up between the sheets, it is super explosive and although Abi is a badass by day, she loves being quite submissive to Cade’s dominance and dirty talk in the bedroom.  Soon, they put their fake relationship into a real relationship, of course, if Cade’s parents had their way, they wouldn’t be a relationship.

His parents are awful and they get what they deserve.  I loved how well Cade and Abi handled their relationship, albeit it at times I felt Abi at first would hold back, but she and Cade would work their relationship out immediately.  She’s his Spitfire to his Dr. Hottie.  What I especially loved about Cade, he didn’t care if Abi was a stripper, nor did he want her changing for anyone, especially his douchey parents.  Some readers may or may not like the instant attraction but it worked here for me, since truthfully it took them 10 months to reconnect and boy did they ever.  You will swoon over Cade and love Abi and of course the rest of Bliss clan.  I cannot wait for Thomas’ story (you will read about him in this book) and Cade’s twin brother Cam.  I know, I’m greedy, what can I say.

– Michelle

*The book was gifted by the author for an honest review.

Book 1, Game Player: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 2, Game Maker: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 3, Game Saver: Amazon USAmazon UK


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