Book Review: Mr. Mysterious by JA Huss

Mr M cover

Title: Mr. Mysterious (Mister #4)
Author: @JAHuss
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 262 pages
Rating: 5 stars


Paxton Vance isn’t as cryptic as he thinks. That broody nature and tough-guy exterior aren’t fooling me one bit.

I know everything about him. I listen in on his most personal phone calls. I read his mail before he does. I even know what his mother got him for Christmas last year.

You’re the man of my dreams, Paxton Vance. You just don’t know it yet.

But don’t worry, I’ll remind you. I’m here to give you everything you need, before you know you need it.

So don’t get defensive because I take a challenge seriously. You have to open up to someone, and that someone is me.

Besides, you can’t stay Mr. Mysterious forever. Why play the game if you never want to win?


Once upon a time, there was an evil genius of an author, and her name is J.A. Huss.  Many moons ago, in a far, far away land, she created these amazing characters from the Rook & Ronin Series, then in Ford’s Series and of course, Spencer’s Series.  As you may or may not know, Spencer has five children, four girls and one boy.  His lovely wife Veronica, named all her daughters with Disney Princesses characters, Aurora, Belle, Ariel and Cinderella (Cindy).  Her beautiful boy, Oliver, whose book, Mr. Match will be coming out in December, I have no idea where Oliver’s name came from but I am sure it was mentioned in Spencer’s Series. In Mr. Corporate’s book, we find out that Pax Vance, a/k/a Mr. Mysterious hooked up with Cinderella, his best friend’s sister, cue in the crazy music now.

I am getting ahead of myself with this review, so let’s see if I can shed some light for you all, but before I do so, yes, this can be read as a standalone, in whatever order you may want to read them, but since I am a little OCD, I think you should go in order: Mr. Perfect, Mr. Romantic, Mr. Corporate, Mr. Mysterious and last but certainly not least Mr. Match (December).

Cindy has been obsessed with Paxton Vance since she was 13-years-old!  Julie Huss always creates some amazing female characters and Cinderella Shrike is definitely no exception.  If you’ve read Spencer’s Series, you know Veronica is known as Bombshell, well Cindy is Baby Bombshell!  She is so freaking adorable!  I may have a serious girl crush.  The lengths she went through to finally get Pax to fall in love is pure magic.

So let’s get to Mr. Mysterious, oh man his drunken tirade at Perfect’s house is just a little comical.  But when he starts telling his story on how this beautiful girl ends up in house and all the bread crumbs leading up to what happened 10-years-ago, leads you to more questions being answered but more questions still unanswered.  I think the next time I read another J.A. Huss Series, I am going to have to create an outline because damn this woman can really mind f*ck you.  Five, oh Five, whenever your book mommy finally writes your book, I think I am going to need a week to recover.  With each book, Five has a very prominent role and you will want to know more, but you know you will only get what the author wants to to know at that moment.

December cannot get here fast enough for Mr. Match.  I have a funny feeling, that all the Misses are going to play a big role in finally finding out who, what, where, how and why the Misters got in trouble all those years ago.  Julie Huss has a way of sucking you in and wanting more, but you know she’s holding that big Wow Factor close to her heart.  I wish I could tell you more, but I won’t, you have to experience the joy ride like I did and then take pause and reflect and have that “WTF did I just read” moment.  This is me every single time I read a J.A. Huss book!

– Michelle

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

Book 1, Mr. Perfect: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 2, Mr. Romantic: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 3, Mr. Corporate: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 4, Mr. Mysterious: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 5, Mr. Match (Releases 12-7-16): Amazon US – Amazon UK


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