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American Queen by Sierra Simone @TheSierraSimone

Reviewer: Grace

Release Date: October 25th, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Hang Le

Rating: 4.5 stars

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It starts with a stolen kiss under an English sky, and it ends with a walk down the aisle. It starts with the President sending his best friend to woo me on his behalf, and it ends with my heart split in two. It starts with buried secrets and dangerous desires…and ends with the three of us bound together with a hateful love sharper than any barbed wire.

My name is Greer Galloway, and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.

This is the story of an American Queen.

Grace Review

One of the hottest reads of the year, this book is full of lust, longing, and forbidden love, all within the walls of the most important building in America, the White House.  This is a political romance like no other, where three individuals struggle to contain their love for one another.

What’s the point of sex if you don’t feel like every dark crevice of your soul has been exposed to the light?

Before I get into my thoughts on the story, I have a confession to make. *deep breath*  This is the first book I’ve read by this author.  I know, I know.  Yes, I know all about that other forbidden book, and for reasons all my own, I didn’t read it.  But I’ve heard that this author writes some of the sexiest books, so when this book popped up, at a time when America is experiencing one of the worst elections in history, I knew I had to read it.  And really, this political drama is so much better than the real world.

If you didn’t have a sense for what you were getting into with this book, the prologue surely sets the stage.  From there you’d expect the fireworks to kick off right away.  But they don’t.  Instead, there’s a sexual tension that builds with each page.  Although a kiss is shared early on, it takes years, no, I’m not kidding, for more than that kiss to be exchanged.  Some may not have liked the slow build, but I personally loved it.  The anticipation of what was to come, literally drove me through the pages.  I didn’t always care for the switches in timelines, but the information from the past really sets things up.

This threesome is so complicated.  How they interact over the years, and how each interaction impacts them, was so well laid out, it made it easy to understand the struggle each experienced.

I’m aroused.
I’m angry.
I’m curious.
I’m betrayed.

While this book is told solely from Greer Galloway’s POV, my sympathies were mostly for Embry Moore.  You’ll understand why when you read the book, but I’ll give you a hint: Maxen Colchester “Ash” can be a HUGE ass.  As the President, he likes control in everything, even at the expense of others.  I did struggle at times with how Greer and Embry let him toy with their emotions.  But sexually, he knows what they want.  If you’ve never read BDSM (and no, FSOG doesn’t count), then you might be shocked by some of Ash’s demands.  However, just pay attention to how Greer and Embry react.  It is all part of submission and they clearly enjoy it.

“Put my dick inside your mouth, angel.  Show me your gratitude.”

This author is a bit of a cocktease.  Sure, she gives us a nibble here and there to get us hot and bothered.  And I kept thinking, when is the big cumfest?!  All I can say to that is, patience.  Because when she delivers, holy hell!!  So fucking hot!!

Other than the sex themes, there is a lot of underlying drama that is building.  I fully expect one of these three people to be involved when the drama does go down.  Hell, it may be all three.
Merlin Rhys – from the minute Greer meets him, I didn’t trust him.  He has proved himself an ally over time, but I have a feeling that is all for show.
Abilene – Greer’s cousin is a man-eating machine. It is clear she has her eyes set on Ash, and I don’t think she will let Greer stop her quest.  I have no idea why Greer keeps her in the inner circle.
Senator Leffrey – this bitch has already caused trouble on multiple fronts, but I have a feeling she’s not finished.

As part of a trilogy, you should expect a cliffy.  It’s not a huge one imo, but it will have you begging for more.  I got the big climax, and then it felt like a bucket of water was thrown on me.  Fuck all, I knew shit was going to go down!!  And so I wait, for American Prince, which I hope, based on the title, is from Embry’s POV.

– Grace

*An ARC was receieved for an honest review.


“I kept thinking about what I wanted to give you today for our wedding day, and honestly, Greer, there isn’t really anything I couldn’t give you. Jewelry or exotic vacations or rare editions of the books you love, anything I could have dreamed of, I could get for you—but they were just things. I didn’t want to get you a thing for a curio cabinet or a jewelry box. I wanted to give you something that you could carry with you through our new life together. Something that would make you a promise.”

The best man’s hand brushes up against my stocking-covered ankle and I gasp.

“What is it, princess?” Ash’s low voice comes over the phone line.

“Embry…I mean, Ash, I—” I can’t find the words just then, because Embry’s hand slides up my calf and everything stops. My thoughts, my feelings, my guilt—my world shrinks to Ash’s voice on the phone and the fingers moving past my knee and Embry’s face, so controlled. But lust and anger and determination are fissuring across that control, and I can see his wide pupils and the pulse pounding in his neck and the trembling of his lips.

What is happening? I think distantly to myself. What am I letting happen…and all while I’m on the phone with my soon-to-be husband?

And then the world slams back into motion, and I make a strangled noise, stumbling backwards, away from Embry. He starts to stand and come toward me, and I hold out one of my hands, moving backwards until my back is pressed against the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the skyline.

Embry looks down at my shaking hand and then back up to me, those fissures in his control now full-on fractures, and he says, “Greer…”

“Don’t test me,” I whisper, not sure if I’m whispering to the groom or the best man. “Don’t test me like this.”

This isn’t happening. I missed a connection somewhere, misunderstood something vital, because there is no way, no fucking way, that Ash is offering his best friend to me as some sort of wedding present. This is my wishful thinking turned toxic, this is my darkest fantasies turning into delusion—

“I want you to let Embry give you my gift,” Ash tells me. “While I listen. That’s what you’ll give me in exchange: every single moan, pant and cry will be for me.”

“You can’t be saying what I think you’re saying,” I say.

“Oh, don’t worry, angel. I’ll get something out of this for me too.”

I hear the dark roughness in his voice and I realize I’m so very, very wet.

“Close your eyes,” Ash orders.

I do, my panting somehow louder in my head when I can’t see anything. The glass window against my back is cool and strong, just like Ash’s words in my ear.

“I know you’re wet. I know it like I know Embry is hard right now, just from the mere thought of touching you. You want it, don’t you? You want it so much that you’re shaking with the effort it’s taking to hold yourself back.”

“But I don’t want to hurt you.” It’s my final plea, my final argument, my final grasp at some semblance of sanity. My skirts are almost up at my waist now, and I know the moment Embry catches sight of my delicate, hand-embroidered French panties because he takes in a sharp breath, as if punched in the gut.

“It all hurts,” Ash says. “It hurts watching you two watching each other. It hurts watching him with other people. There’s no part about this that doesn’t hurt, but what’s the alternative? Living without the pain means living without each other.”

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Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City

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