Blog Tour (Book Review): Little Black Dress Anthology

Title: Little Black Dress Anthology
Reviewer: Ivy @PoisonIvy70
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Stars

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There’s something about the little black dress. The go-to wisp of material that’s perfect for any occasion. The quintessential LBD hugs, stretches, and moves with the female form. Every woman needs one at some point, and sometimes that means borrowing from a friend.

Starting with Abby, this lucky LBD makes its way into the stories of Lucy, Katie, and Winnie right when they need it most. Four women, four stories, and four happily ever afters…And it all started with one little black dress.

Warning: Keep your hands off our Little Black Dress if you’re not 18.

All net proceeds will be donated to Gilda’s Club, Rochester. With over 1,200 FREE programs offered to men, women, teens, and children, they offer much-needed social and emotional support to those living with cancer, their friends, and family.



Only 99 cents and all proceeds go to charity!


Ivy's review

First of all, the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Gilda’s Club of Rochester, NY, which does great work for a cause near and dear to my heart and I’m sure (unfortunately) to many others, because fuck cancer. Seriously. Ok. Onway. I would recommend this because of great cause. What I’m really happy to report is that the stories themselves are little amuse-bouches, tasty little appetizers that left me wanting more from the lot of them.

This is an anthology of four stories connected through, you guessed it, a little black dress and how it affects the lives of several different couples. I have a little mini-review for each, but they’re all sweet, hot, funny and exactly what I needed to read in between a few full length novels.  The narrative for all four stories were seamless, but still worked as individual stories.

Abby’s Angels (Abby and Whit)

The only novella to feature a married couple, and they’ve been struggling due to a pretty heartbreaking reason. The funny beginning is balanced out by the more serious overtones to this story, but heartwarming and just the way to kick off this anthology.

Lucy’s A Dreamer (Lucy and Vaughn)

Lucy is Abby’s sister and she’s had some love for Vaughn (her brother’s BFF) for years and you guessed it, that dress works its mojo. Straight up goodness, the romance has a great little blend of sexy times and funny banter that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Asher. Loved it.

Kiss Me Katie (Katie and Ethan)

Katie, the cop (and Lucy’s friend) borrows the dress for a dinner with her parents, where she’s going to introduce her partner, Ethan, as her boyfriend, to get them off her back about settling down. Ethan has his own plan and I agreed with that plan. Never read Ms. Curtis before, but best believe I will look for more from her. Loved this little tasty nugget for the heat and the writing style.

Winnie Mae (Winnie and Max)

Winnie (friends with Katie) needs a dress for a get together she’s going to in support of her roomie. She meets Max, and yep, that dress does it again. Ms. Frost plays closer and boy, does she bring it on home with some great hilarious banter between Max and Winnie. The best way to wrap this all up.

Loved it. Besides the fact that it’s for a great cause (seriously EFF CANCER), the stories are just enough to whet your appetite for each of these authors’ writing. I definitely recommend it for fans of contemporary romances in general and these authors in particular.

– Ivy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.




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