Book Review: Unwritten by Jen Frederick

Title: Unwritten (Woodlands #5)
Author: Jen Frederick @JenSFred
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 stars

After years of trying to hit it big with his band, Adam Rees’ dream is finally about to come true. A new lead singer brings with him a hot tour invite, but with a catch—his sister has to come with them. Despite an off-limits edict, Adam is instantly attracted the smart and beautiful Landry. But if he wants to claim his woman, it might be at the expense of all his ambitions.

Landry Olsen has had success at every stage of her life, except when it comes to men. She’s put her heart on the shelf, but one look at Adam and she’s a goner. The hot rocker heats her from the inside out, and she wants him as much as he wants her. The only thing standing in their way of their happiness is Landry’s brother—she ruined his musical hopes before, and she won’t do it again. Even if it means saying no to the one guy who makes her believe in love again.

There’s no fruit more tempting than the forbidden kind.

Unwritten is book 5 in the Woodlands Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is Adam’s story.  He just wants to hit the road again with his bandmates, especially trying out his new front man’s (Davis) voice in front of a crowd.  Yet he’s intrigued by the hot redhead that he wants to claim.  Wait, he redhead is his front man’s younger sister, Landry.  And here where things might get awkward.

Landry happens to show up at her brother’s gig, but not by choice.  She’s spooked at home.  She had a stalker situation and said stalker has been released from jail.  She hears some noises and since her BFF is travelling somewhere in Asia, her parents are also away fixing their relationship, she decides she go hang with her brother and his band.  Landry is a bit of a nerd, but a hot nerd. She with her BFF created an App that she has sold and has made a nice chunk of change.

Although Adam is hot and intrigued with his lead singer’s sister, he’s more upset with what happened to Landry in the past.  He’s set up his band to do a five month tour around the states.  Adam’s suggest that Landry travel with them.  He even makes sure hands off on Landry to Davis.

Ah, but how long did that last, right?  Sexual tension and flirtiness does get the best between Adam and Landry.  The hot sexy times are very imaginative especially since they have to hide it from Davis.

This was a quick fun book, I could have used some a little more angst.  And although I get why Adam was hesitant with his band about things, he needed to be more affront with them.  I get he didn’t want to live under his father’s shadow, but there are ways to get around those scenarios.  Overall, if you’re looking for a hot rocker with a cute and quirky heroine, Unwritten is for you.

– Michelle

*An ARC was provided for an honest review.

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