Release Blitz (Book Review): Hot as Puck by Lili Valente


Title: Hot as Puck
A Bad Motherpuckers Novel
Author: Lili Valente @lili_valente_ro
Reviewer: Ivy @PoisonIvy70
Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy/Hockey Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2017
Rating: 4 stars

The NHL’s biggest bad boy is about to fall for the virgin next door…I am the world’s biggest dating failure. We’re talking my last date went home with our waitress kind of failure.But I have an ace in the back pocket of my mom jeans—my sexy-as-sin best friend, NHL superstar forward, Justin Cruise.

Justin owes me favors dating back to seventh grade, long before he became a hotshot with a world famous…stick. So in return for my undying platonic loyalty, all I want is an easy-peasy crash course on how to be a sex goddess.

How hard can it be?


I have never been so hard in my life.

The things I want to do to my sweet, kindergarten-teaching, mitten-crocheting best friend Libby Collins are ten different kinds of wrong. Maybe twenty.

But I’m a firm believer in teaching by example, and by the end of our first lesson, we’ve graduated to a hands on approach to her sexual education: my hands all over her, her hands all over me, and her hot mouth melting beneath mine as I prove to her there isn’t a damned thing wrong with the way she kisses.

Give me a month, and I’ll transform Libby from wall flower to wall banger, and ensure she’s confident enough to seduce any guy she wants.

Problem is… the only guy I want her seducing is me. 

Hot as Puck is a sexy, flirty, friends-to-lovers Standalone romantic comedy from USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente.

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-Funny friends to lovers romance. I’ve never read a Lili Valente book before, but this has humor, sexy times and hockey – these are a few of my favorite things…not necessarily in that order, so I was ready to go on this ride. Ms. Valente really has a way with a humorous inner monologue and I found myself laughing more often than not throughout this romance.

-Quirky hero and heroine which I enjoyed. Justin Cruise your typical sexy, rough and tumble manwhore of a hockey god…who just so happens to love crotcheting. Yes, he’s a hooker. He’s been best friends with Libby’s sister Laura since they were kids and has been friends with Libby almost as long. When Libby, the shy, virginal kindergarten teacher decides she wants to learn about the ways of …well, sex, Justin realizes there’s no way in hell that anyone else is going to teach her but him. And then romance happens. Justin and Libby are both nerdy at heart and their shared love of hooking is a cute touch. It’s those types of details that helped give some individuality to this story, because friends to lovers with a dash of de-virginization (is that a word? If not, I’m making it up) is a tale as old as rhyme. Those can be great, as long as they’re executed well, and I think Ms. Valente does it very well here.

-The chemistry and sexy times are strong. I was digging Justin’s all-consuming desire for Libby, and hers for him. I love the way it took them by surprise, but the reader could tell that it was destined to happen from their very first big scene. Their firsts (meetup, kiss and love scene) were great and I was definitely feeling the romance. As for the hockey…

-The hockey, not so much. If there’s a weak spot, it’s the hockey and its importance to this tale. Other than his physicality depending on being an athlete, there’s not alot of hockey in this hockey romance. I’m not sure if I even know what actual position he played, other than forward. Was he a center or a winger? There’s a smattering of hockey moments, some bigger than others, but really, it’s not fleshed out well. If you’re in this for the romance though, it may not faze you. I kind of missed it, because I do love the game. Otherwise, it was a blast.


I really enjoyed this read, which works primarily as a funny, friends to lovers romance with a dash of hockey. Jus and Libby were the right mix of nerdy and sexy and I really loved their journey. I look forward to the next books in the series.

– Ivy

*An ARC was receieved for an honest review.

U.S.A. Today Bestselling author Lili Valente has slept under the stars in Greece, eaten dinner at midnight with French men who couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouths on their food, and walked alone through Munich’s red light district after dark and lived to tell the tale.These days you can find her writing in a tent beside the sea, drinking coconut water and thinking delightfully dirty thoughts.

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