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Title: Villain
Author Jackie  Wang @jackiewangbooks
Reviewer: Tammy @tammyvoiced
Genre: Dark Romance
Rating: 3 stars
I go by many names: Playboy, Hustler, Villain.

They call me a sadistic a-hole because I rob from the poor and cheat on the weak.

Do I ever regret the choices I’ve made? All the damn time.

But it’s too late to turn back, and too late to start over…

I’ve never even considered giving it all up for anyone or anything before. Never had a reason or motivation to change.

Until I met her.

Callista Rayner. Heiress. Goddess. Need-her-ass-up-on-my-mattress.

My last chance at redemption.

Problem was, I couldn’t afford to fall for her, because I didn’t want to ruin her.

I didn’t want to destroy her, like the others that came before.

Too bad I had no choice.

Too bad she was my pawn and I had to use her.

Too bad, too bad, too bad.

Ryder is beyond jaded, and wants nothing more than to get his revenge.
To do that, he has set his sight on Callista.

He needs her but never factored in that he might fall for her. It was never the part of his plan. She does not trust him at all, but he has her thinking of the things that he is presenting to her.

This is not a really a romance, you are not going to see a bunch of “I Love You” and and there is very minimal talk of or sex.

To say this had so many twists and turns would be an understatement. You might need to take a dramamine. At points I had to scroll back and re-read scenes to make sure that I had the information correct. Do not get me wrong, there was a lot of suspense but at times just confusing.

I expected a bit more punch, a bit more streamlined, a bit more romance, a bit more strength.
I was hoping for a little bit more than what, in my opinion, we got overall. It was not bad but it was not great, it was definitely a quick read in between book hangovers.

– Tammy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

Sweet & Spicy Reads – “This is one twist and turn crazy book that has you gasping and shocked how truly one person can be a true villain in your life.”

Readers World Book Haven – “All in all, “Villain” is a brilliantly written thriller that grabs you and will have you on the edge of your seat. A definite must read.”

Reader Review – “Hot, suspenseful, with rollercoaster twists, emotional ups, and downs, and humor laced in between the detailed pages of these interesting read.”

I grew up under a grand delusion.
As a child, I pretended that I was a paper princess, hidden in a tower, awaiting my prince. Being with me came at an impossible price though, because I was kept by a wicked witch, someone who called herself my mother. I was a doomed Rapunzel, forgotten by the world.
All my life, I’d been a kept woman.
Kept in the cellar while my mother entertained foul men of all shapes and sizes, sometimes for hours or all night long.
Kept in the closet while my mother sucked her boyfriend’s cock.
Kept in the garage while my mother laundered bloody sheets and soiled blankets. While she scrubbed the walls and took out the trash.
My mother said she was born to serve. A born listener. A follower. Chosen for breeding. Hand-picked for pleasure…

JACKIE WANG lives in Vancouver, 

Canada with her real-life alpha hero and their rambunctious daughter. When she’s not writing, Jackie is binge-reading, gorging on expensive chocolates, or fiddling around with Photoshop.


Title: Preppy Part 3
Author @TM_Frazier
Reviewer: Tammy @tammyvoiced
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 I don’t want it to be the end Stars

The bowtie is BACK!

Dre was just a beautiful stranger when Preppy saved her the first time around. Now, he has to save her again, but she’s no longer some stranger, she’s family, and he has no idea who or what he’s up against.

What he does know is that putting his family back together is the only acceptable outcome.

Preppy’s to-do list?


He’s alive…and he’s out for BLOOD.

Preppy Part Three is the third book and conclusion of Preppy and Dre’s story. It’s also the 7th book in the King Series, which should be read in order starting with KING & TYRANT.

We have come to the end of the King series. These characters have embedded themselves into our hearts. And for me, it was Preppy. The funny, sarcastic, zero fucks given, caring, well dressed with a bow-tie, sexual, pancakes loving man. From the first book when he showed up I was drawn to him, I think anyone was that has read the series.

In his final book, we see his last fight for himself and his family.

He is full on. You do not cross the smallest line when it comes to the ones he loves.

His love for Dre was simply lovely. Yes, lovely. Something that you would’ve never thought of him to be, lovely. Each chapter it grew and grew. And certainly returned it in spades. She was right along with him. They are truly perfect for each other.

Bo. This little boy that Preppy saw so much of himself in, was a added bonus to their family and love. Dre and Prep, took him in and loved him fiercely. The lengths they went to, to make him comfortable and safe was elements that had you smiling from ear to ear and placing your hand over your heart with the love that poured off of the pages. You just saw Bo growing to be what he always deserved to be, loved. And you just know he was so cute and huggable.

Of course everything wasn’t suspenders and bow-ties, we get the suspense that adds an extra touch to T.M.’s books. People and circumstances crawl themselves out of the shadows and wreak some havoc on the Clearwater lives. Nothing will stop Preppy from madly protecting what is his. And we see Dre & his friends right by his side.

I am going to miss this series, I have been on this journey since day one. Each character, each scene, each page, each chapter – built to be a hole I got drawn into T.M.’s crazy, rough, tough, protective, no holds barred, stoic, loving world.

– Tammy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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Kevin had occasionally done something that reminded me of myself, but next to a DNA test, I still had no valid proof he was my brother. Nothing that connected us as family.

Until now.

“Dude, you’re creeping me out,” Kevin said, reaching for his shorts.

Before he could pull them back on I dropped the hose and bee-lined toward him, wrapping him in a bear hug. “You really are my brother.”

“Huh?” Kevin asked, standing as still as a statue.

“Shhhh…just let me love you.”

“What exactly is going on out here?” Dre asked from the porch, flipping on the light. I still didn’t let go.

“He’s my brother. I’m sure of it now,” I informed her.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Kevin said, wiggling free from my grip.

“Oh yeah?” Dre asked, amusement in her sleepy tone. She yawned and cinched the sash of the sexy little robe she was wearing that showed off those amazing legs of hers. “How are you so sure?”

I stepped back and pointed down to Kevin’s massive cock. “Because of that!”

Dre’s sweet laughter filled the air. I picked up the hose again and started to spray Kevin down. “Shit man, that’s cold!” he shouted, dancing around in the grass. “And are you gonna fill me in on what exactly she’s laughing at?”

“That,” I informed him, spraying his crotch with water. “Because I just found more proof that we’re brothers than the fact that we think we both were shot out of the same cunt.” I grinned from ear to ear.

“Okay? And what’s that?” Kevin asked. I turned off the hose and Dre tossed him a towel.

I dropped my eyes to the huge slab of man meat between Kevin’s legs. “From the waist down we’re not just brothers, we’re fucking twinsies.”

“Uh, what the fuck, Preppy?” Kevin asked, putting his shorts back on.

“Quick,” I said. “Tell me something. How do you feel about pancakes?”

Kevin shivered. “Honestly, I’m more of a waffle kind of guy.”

Dre gasped.

I shut my eyes tightly, clenching my fists at my side. I cracked my neck and slowly turned to face him. I opened my eyes. “What the fuck did you just say to me, boy? You better start running.”

“Wait, what?” Kevin asked, taking a step back and tripping over the sprinkler. He stood up and bolted through the gate. I chased him through the field while Dre looked on and laughed.

“I take it all back! You’re not my brother!” I shouted, tackling him to the ground and sitting on his chest.

“What the fuck, Preppy?” Kevin asked, squirming under me.

“You and I need to have a serious fucking talk.” I leaned down until my nose was almost touching his. “About the abomination that is waffles.”


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T.M.Frazier is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and her young daughter.

When she’s not writing she loves talking to her readers, country music, reading and traveling. Her debut novel, The Dark Light of Day was published in September of 2013 and when she started writing it she intended for it to be a light beachy romance.

Well…it has a beach in it!

Her latest works include her USA TODAY BESTSELLING KING SERIES and All the Rage.


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