Book Review: The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent

Title: The Unrequited
Author: @SaffronAKent
Reviewer: Michelle & Yaya @Michelle6803
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 340 pages
Rating: Michelle’s rating – 5 Stars, Yaya’s rating: 4.5 Stars


Layla Robinson is not crazy. She is suffering from unrequited love. But it’s time to move on. No more stalking, no more obsessive calling. 

What she needs is a distraction. The blue-eyed guy she keeps seeing around campus could be a great one—only he is the new poetry professor—the married poetry professor.

Thomas Abrams is a stereotypical artist—rude, arrogant, and broody—but his glares and taunts don’t scare Layla. She might be bad at poetry, but she is good at reading between the lines. Beneath his prickly façade, Thomas is lonely, and Layla wants to know why. Obsessively.

Sometimes you do get what you want. Sometimes you end up in the storage room of a bar with your professor and you kiss him. Sometimes he kisses you back like the world is ending and he will never get to kiss you again. He kisses you until you forget the years of unrequited love; you forget all the rules, and you dare to reach for something that is not yours.

NOTE: Please be aware that this book deals with sensitive topics like cheating. 18+ Only.

Michelle: I love a buddy read and add to that a joint review can make it an epic review. It’s no secret we at ADBL, love some taboo and if it’s student/teacher, we’re salivating to get our itchy hands on one. Both Yaya and I saw the synopsis for this book and we both had to have it. Saffron was kind enough to send us an ARC.

Yaya: Very nice of the author. Thank you. Thanks for ruining us, our minds and a couple of panties. I’m probably also out of batteries. Totally worth it though. Being able to buddy read definitely made the experience more fun. We don’t even live near each other so don’t get any ideas.

Michelle: So let’s get on with the show. Let’s start with Layla Robinson, I have a serious girl crush. She’s not your typical heroine you would read in books. She’s very impulsive which leads her at a school away from her family, to get away from the heartache and possible destruction of her relationship with her stepbrother. Her inner monologues, killed me, she felt so undeserving and punished herself, until she meets the dark haired stranger with beautiful sapphire eyes.

Yaya: What’s not to love about Layla? Her favorite color is purple, she wears hats and polka dotted socks and listens to Lana del Rey. The girl is a spitfire. Never rethinks her choices. Jumps without even having a parachute. I constantly said to myself “this girl is nuts.” Which is exactly why I kept reading. She’s intriguing.

Michelle: Thomas Abrams … the poet … the professor … the unattainable. He too has some deep rooted scars. He’s hurting, deeply and Layla sees, him, truly and thoroughly sees him and his hurt. God, this man, I felt his hurt, but he was an assholes at times, but I think that was his defense mechanism, especially dealing with the likes of the violet-eyed, raven-haired student. “We’re soul mate.” … “Not the kind who end up together or live happily ever after. We’re not that kind of soul mates. Even I’m not that naive. What I mean is, we understand each other. We’re similar-well, similar in all the ways that count.”

Yaya: Thomas. It’s difficult to describe what I felt for him. One minute I was angry with him, then I wanted him to grow a pair. I wanted to slap him. Then there were the moments I wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would be just fine. He hurt and I know and understand he took things out on Layla because she could. Was it right? No, it wasn’t. But that’s what made this story different than others. Yes there are some off the chart sexy times going on in this story and I didn’t skim one at all, but there’s passion, hurting, healing and two broken characters who don’t think either one deserves some kind of happiness. That’s where the real story lies.

Michelle: I have read plenty student/teacher romances and that were great, but The Unrequited was nothing, and I mean nothing what I expected, and I love that! This book was had my heart racing, my emotions all over the place, tears upon tears. And then the sex scenes … call the fire department because Saffron Kent wrote the most amazing … scorching hot sex scenes. Yeah, as Yaya would say, shamwow will be needed, just sayin! Thomas was so poetically filthy, gah!!! “But tell you what, I won’t spoil the fun for you. I won’t take your ass right now. One day when you’re so mindless with my cock pounding into your pussy that you don’t know up from down, I’ll shove it in your tight little hole, making you scream.” See, poetic. Oh and then the alpha comes out, “This. bursting every door down so I can get to your pussy. All I can think about is fucking you Layla. All the time. Every time. You’re in my fucking blood, and I’ll tear apart anyone who dares to fucking touch you.”

Yaya: Not even going to lie and say it didn’t bring a tear to my eyes. Days later we are still chatting about it. That’s how a reader and even the author will know how much we appreciated this story.

Michelle: Oh did I mention this is my first Saffron Kent novel? Yes, she’s on my stalker, I mean author list to keep a look out for her next book. Also, if I’m going to give you one piece of advice, read the synopsis and the warning. I detest when I see adults get on their high horse and bitch and moan about the direction of any book. Do your due diligence people. Having said that, for those who aren’t prudes and can handle adult content, even if it may make you uncomfortable, read The Unrequited with an open mind, okay.

Yaya: My very first one as well and I to am looking forward to more stories from Saffron. She has no idea what she has gotten into with us. If this is one of many to come, I suggest she puts me on her “she will read anything I write” list.

– Michelle and Yaya

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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