Release Blitz (Book Review): The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones

Title: The Broken Puppet (Elite Kings Club #2)
Author: @authorAmojones
Reviewer: Grace
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 stars

Release Date: July 18, 2017

“I thought I knew who I was, but I was wrong.”
The Silver Swan
1. A girl who is tarnished. Tainted. One who does not fit into the confinement of legend.
The Silver Swan

2. Madison Montgomery.
I was lied to.
I was cheated.
Resigning to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed thoughts, I left. After finally cutting the strings of manipulation, I resorted to do what I’ve done since I was a child, something my father drilled into my brain since I could handle my first rifle.
I’m a mere shadow of the girl they all knew.
Lies and deceit change you. They alter your entire outlook on life.
I’m Madison Montgomery, and I want to play a game.
Here’s what happens when I win.
Riddle me this, Mads.
What goes bump in the night,
but is something you can’t see with sight?
You may run, and you may hide.
Our happily ever after will be like Bonnie & Clyde.
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Grace Review

Warning: to avoid spoilers, don’t read this review if you haven’t read book one, The Silver Swan.

This is one of those books where some questions are answered, but a slew of new questions arise.
You will learn more about the Silver Swan and what makes Madison one of them.
You will learn of her connection to the Kings.
But most importantly, you will learn about her past and how closely it ties to her present.

“As alluring as a peaceful swan floating on water, but as lethal as a silver bullet.”

There is a lot less sex in this book, and a lot more suspense than the first installment. And I think that is a good thing. Madison continues to make some bad decisions when it comes to the Kings, but her intimate moments with Bishop are fewer and that made sense given the turmoil in her life.

In book one, Bishop said he was not good, and with the way that story ended, he showed Madison point blank, that he wasn’t lying. That questionable moral code is even more present in this book. However, there are some new players introduced that may make Bishop look tame in comparison.

I know the author is holding back for a reason, but my biggest gripe with her in this book is that she seems to be reading Tacet e Mortuis, the suicide diary discovered in book one, at a snail’s pace. By now, we all know that this book connects directly to the Kings, and has some answers on the Silver Swan. So why hasn’t Madison made it a priority to finish?!? I don’t have a clue. You’d think she’d want answers. Especially when the Lost Boys are introduced (and no, I won’t tell you who they are).

Given everything happening around Madison, I’m not sure who to trust. Everyone from her step-brother to her Dad, seem to give her only half truths. Leaving her and the reader in the dark to “protect” her. But given how she repeatedly seems to put herself in harm’s way, maybe she does need their protection.

If you didn’t already know, there will be one more book in this series. The cliffhanger in this installment is even bigger than the first, so be prepared. And now I will go into Operation Stalk Amo Jones, because I need answered dammit!!!

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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Amo is a full-time writer from New Zealand who loves long romantic walks to the wine cellar. She loves to write like how she lives, hanging on the edge of insanity with a wine glass in one hand and her morals-or lack thereof- in the other.

Those are not my monkeys, I swear….
Oh those hellhounds? Yeah, those are mine.
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