Book Review: Rescued by an Alien by Amanda Milo

Title: Rescued by an Alien (Stolen by an Alien #2)
Author: Amanda Milo
Reviewer: Ivy @PoisonIvy70
Genre: Paranormal
Length: 401 pages
Rating: 4 Stars


When my human mate was auctioned, she was sold to a savage lot of aliens.
I rescued her body from her tormentors.
But her mind…
She is hurt.

She’s afraid I will abandon her; but I’ve been waiting all my life for my mate.
I am not going to walk away. I’m going to help her heal.
And I will help her fight for us.

****Content warning: For readers 18 years and older Contains explicit sexual situations, dark themes, sensitive subjects, and violence.
Ivy's review

The Good

-Kindle Unlimited (if you’re signed up for it).

-Tackles a very serious subject with care. This book overlaps with events from the first book, Stolen by an Alien (“SbaA”). It is imperative that you read that book first (more below). The heroine, Callie, has been abducted from Earth and suffers a horrific rape (details of which are shared in mini-flashbacks and dialogue, not shown in detail). Writing about the brutal rape of a heroine is never an easy task, but I have said that any topic in romance can potentially work if written with care and skill. Ms. Milo has not shied away from playing the necessary beats, and she has really delved into the emotional trauma that Callie (and Zadeon) suffer in a sensitive way and made their HEA feel genuine and earned by the end.

-The romance has hearts (makes sense when you read it). Zadeon, a Rakhii gladiator and brother of the  hero in the first book, has always dreamed of his wingless Gryfala, and when he hears of slavers abducting many Gryfala, he rushes out, knowing he will meet his dream. He’s a fantastic, understanding hero who never, ever wavers and that is exactly what Callie needs. She is a survivor who has suffered her own tragedies before she even leaves Earth, but she finds the will to make it through. I connected with both of them and every painful beat made me ache for them. I was impressed at the level of emotion I felt for them, which I wasn’t expecting when I started this series.

-Still enough humor to lighten the serious subject matter. Before I have you thinking this was an angst-o-rama, the secondary characters, all introduced in the first book, help give some balance to this story. The glimpses of their own banter and struggles helped the story flow and not feel like sadness all the time.

-Tease for the future. There’s a chapter at the end that gives a glimpse into the future that has me intrigued and willing to see what Ms. Milo will come up with. She’s impressed me so far.

The Bad and Everything in Between

-Not a standalone. The beginning of the story needed more setup. If I had not read SbaA, I would have been completely lost. There’s no real info given in this book to let the reader understand how they came together and why they’re being housed in captivity now. Even if a romance is supposed to weave into an overarching storyline, it should work as a separate story. This is too dependent on the first book.

-More isolated than first book. Because they’re in captivity throughout this book, there’s no action series, no sense of movement. It made me restless at times, though I appreciate that this was meant to be about Callie’s recovery/re-emergence, I still missed the adventure of the first book.

-Editing a little more wouldn’t hurt. There’s some dangling story threads again like the first book that I don’t expect to learn more of in future books and aren’t necessary to this story, so they could have been taken out to tighten up the narrative. I would have loved some time spent on further defining this ‘verse as well as the individual species in this series. Also, additional editing could have corrected some grammatical errors and questionable verbiage (aka words that don’t exist) that frankly took me out of the moment. Sometimes big words aren’t necessary. Just the right ones.

While I enjoyed Zadeon and Callie’s difficult, angsty road to HEA, I almost feel as if this 4 stars is really for the first and second book combined. It was imperative to read the first book for this book to work as well as it did for me. However, if you’re into alien-sci-fi roms and aren’t shy about dealing with the aftermath of rape in your romance, then you may enjoy this. I would recommend the series so far and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

– Ivy

Book 1, Stolen by an Alien: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 2, Rescued by an Alien: Amazon USAmazon UK

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