Book Review: Let Me Be Your Hope by Lynsey M. Stewart

Title: Let Me Be Your Hope (Music & Letters #2)
Author: @authorlynseym
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 314 pages
Rating: 4 Stars


Abi Sinclair is a determined social worker and committed party girl. She’s independent, ballsy and living the single girls’ dream. But underneath the bravado and empty one-night stands, she’s hiding a broken heart… 

Jamie Dawson is Abi’s lost love, the only man who ever made her feel alive. When he left Nottingham two years ago to take care of his terminally ill mother, they agreed to communicate only by letter, both believing their love was meant to be. 

One regrettable lie forced them down very different paths. 

One rash decision forced them apart.

But Jamie is back. And he’s Abi’s new manager. Only he’s a different man—too different. 

Desperate for answers, Abi won’t stop until she uncovers the truth behind Jamie’s two-year absence…

This novel contains strong language, mainly from Abi. She can’t help it. Jamie is guilty too, particularly when passion gets the better of him.

There are also descriptions of sex, therefore this novel is only suitable for 18+

This is the second book in the Music and Letters series but can be read as a standalone.

Let Me Be Your Hope is the second book in the Music & Letters series. No worries, you can read as a standalone as I did. Be sure you add Let Me Be Your First as I will. Ms. Stewart is a new-to-me author and if you follow me on the blog, I love discovering new authors via word-of-mouth. This is a second chance at love, a trope I really love reading about.

The book starts from present and then goes into the past with dueling POVs. Abi Sinclair and Jamie Dawson is a love story you will want a happy ending for. Just to give you some backstory, Abi and Jamie met at work two years ago, Jamie being Abi’s mentor at the social services they were both employed, The sparks, well let’s just say was over the chart. They make the word “intense” sound sane. Yet, they made it work, until well until life altering changes for Jamie and then, they couldn’t make it work. Promises of letters to each, they thought they could keep what connection they had. Ill advise and the letters, well let’s just say, words can cause consequences. Moving to the present, the meet again and awkward is an understatement for their reunion.

If you follow Ms. Stewart on Facebook, is quite humorous and it shows in her writing. But who knew this funny charismatic lady on Facebook can write such gut wrenching words. I found myself, crying and angry, but yet pulling for Abi and Jamie. May I say, that I want to be BFFs with Abi because I totally do. She held no punches and she spoke her mind. I was thrown for a loop and the decisions both the h/h made and wanted to knock them both in their heads, but that’s the thing with second chances, right? You have to grow through things in life to see if soulmates were meant to be with each other.

I really enjoyed Let Me Be Your Hope although at times I really wanted to throw my Ipad, but Ms. Stewart gave me a beautiful second chance at love to hold onto my Ipad. As mentioned above, I will be adding Let Me Be Your First to my mountainous TBR list. Looking for that second chance HEA, look no further.

– Michelle

Book 1, Let Me Be Your First: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 2, Let Me Be Your Hope: Amazon USAmazon UK

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