Book Review: Leap of the Lion by Cherise Sinclair

Title: Leap of the Lion (The Wild Hunt Legacy #4)
Author: @CheriseSinclair
Reviewer: Ivy @PoisonIvy70
Genre: Shifter, Paranormal
Length: 403 pages
Rating: 4 Stars


She shifts for the first time on the day of her escape.

After a decade of captivity, Darcy MacCormac escapes the corrupt, clandestine organization called the Scythe, leaving family and friends behind. She must find a way to rescue them. Discovered by other shifters, the brand-new cougar gets two mentors. Blademage Gawain is an easy-going blacksmith with a steel-hard core. His brother Owen is a deadly warrior. Grumpy. Rude. And he doesn’t like her.

They aren’t the mates she’d dreamed of—they’re more.

Powerful, dominating Owen protects the clan—especially the weak—and the only remnant of an abused childhood is his avoidance of females. Now he has to mentor one? Although Gawain soon falls for the dauntless little cat, Owen knows better than to lose his head. But Darcy has a gift for repairing everything…including damaged hearts.

Love isn’t in her destiny.

In the brothers’ arms, Darcy finds safety. Comfort. And love. But however much she longs for a future with Owen and Gawain, her people need her. Somehow, she must find the courage and skills to save them, even if the attempt demands her life.

Ivy's review

The Good. This is the fourth book in the Wild Hunt Legacy series, but it works as a standalone, as it is a jumping off point for a new chapter and a new threat to the shifters in this ‘verse. I really loved Darcy.  Her journey was painful yet I was immediately sucked into it, holding my breath at times wondering whether she (and other characters) would be ok and I loved that after four books, Ms. Sinclair can still surprise me like that. Owen and Gawain are what I expect from a Sinclair hero, and even when Owen’s super grumpy (because there’s always a grumpy one), Ms. Sinclair’s writes him in a way that I can understand and still root for him to get his HEA.

This is a unique take on shifters that blends a bit more of a fantasy world and gives the series an overall (kinky) fairytale feel. I loved that the action is strong in this entry, and the threat is legitimately scary. The romance is also very much in the Cherise Sinclair vein, with lots of heart, and considering this is MFM, it’s actually very emotion-based and not all about the sex.   

The (Not Really) Bad. Without going into spoilers, this entire ‘verse isn’t necessarily safety-gang safe, so if you cannot handle any sexual contact with anyone else, BDSM books aren’t your gig, or anything that has to do with multiple partners, I wouldn’t recommend this to you. BUT I think if you have a love of shifter and MFM books, then you can dig this since it does make sense once you understand the mythology of these shifters.  Also, there’s no doubt about the heroes’ or heroines’ feelings for each other and that’s all I need to enjoy my ride.

Everything in Between. However, I think it wasn’t the romance so much as the threat of the Scythe that captured my interest and got me wondering where things are going next. So, the (more romantic) middle was fine, and filled with alot of characters from previous books, but it was the beginning and ending that were the stars of this show. Loved it.

I really liked it. If you’re a fan of Cherise Sinclair and/or a fan of shifter romances and looking for something a bit different from the usual, I would recommend it.

– Ivy

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

Book 1, Hour of the Lion: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 2, Winter of the Wolf: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 3, Eventide of the Bear: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 4, Leap of the Lion: Amazon USAmazon UK

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