Book Review: Sweet Surrender by Nina Lane

Title: Sweet Surrender (Sugar Rush #3)
Author: @NinaLaneAuthor
Reviewer: Ivy @PoisonIvy70
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 288 pages
Rating: 5 Stars


He’s an encyclopedia of sex. She’s ready to do some research.

Super-efficient Kate Darling needs lessons in love. As executive assistant to the CEO of the Sugar Rush Candy Company, Kate knows everything about organization and nothing about relationships. Then she literally falls into the arms of Tyler Stone, youngest Sugar Rush heir and notorious bad boy.

After a colossal screw-up involving a pretty girl and a stolen speedboat, Tyler is facing the punishment of an actual job. His father has sentenced him to organize the company library, which is Tyler’s definition of cruel and unusual punishment. But if he can convince industrious, resourceful Kate to help him, he’ll earn his release in no time.

Kate is no fool. Tyler is an encyclopedia of sex, and she’s ready to do some research. She’ll help him with the library—if he’ll teach her about the erotic side of romance.

Cataloging, alphabetizing, and metadata collide in a storm of lust, sweat, and dirty talk as Kate and Tyler get to work on both the library and each other. But when he starts falling for her, their hot affair will be one for the books.

Ivy's review

I’m on a binge of the Sugar Rush series in anticipation of the latest entry coming out in December. In this installment, Kate, the efficient and buttoned up executive assistant to Luke Rush, is trying to figure out why her relationships never work out. Tyler, the family screw up, is assigned to cleaning up the library as punishment for his latest transgression. When Tyler meets Kate, a bargain is struck to help each other out and you guessed it, romance happens.

And yes, I’m calling this a quickshot review because that’s what it was going to be, but y’all know I can’t write a post that doesn’t turn into War & Peace, #dontjudgeme so let’s do this.

QuickShot Review

Yep. That was me, staring at my kindle with a big ole lovesick grin while reading this. I adored Tyler and Kate’s story. It is absolutely my favorite entry in this series thus far, and I’ll go ahead and say it – I think it’s going to be very, very hard to top.

It has some of my absolute favorite tropes (office romance, opposites attract, inner transformational for both H/h) and I could have rolled around in this romance catnip forever, I never wanted it to end.

One of the things that I adored so much was that this could have been a run of the mill ugly duckling transformed romance, but it refused to conform.  The “change” was as much about Tyler as it was about Kate. Tyler saw the beauty in Kate without a new wardrobe and all the accoutrements, Kate saw the strength and smarts in Tyler without the suit and tie, and frankly, the “transformation” was a side chick, not the main babe as far as plot points go.

Tyler has secured a place in my stable of book-boyfriends because he was just the right blend of gamma (all the best bits of alpha and beta hero).  And the sex? Sweet Christmas on a cracker it is so hot my kindle started sweating.

You do not need to read the earlier books to enjoy this because I think it truly stands on its own.  The timeline is very condensed, so you gotta go with the flow, but at the end of the day, I adored these two so much and I don’t hesitate to recommend this entry in the Sugar Rush series.  

– Ivy

Book 1, Sweet Dreams: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 2, Sweet Escape: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 3, Sweet Surrender: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 4, Sweet Time: Amazon USAmazon UK
Book 5, Sweet Life (releases 12/12): Amazon USAmazon UK

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