Audio Review: The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre

Title: The Ghostwriter
Author: Alessandra Torre @ReadAlessandra
Narrator: Andrea Izzy Anthony
Reviewer: Grace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Length: 9 hours and 25 mins, 307 pages
Rating: 4.5 Stars


Four years ago, I lied. I stood in front of the police, my friends and family, and made up a story, my best one yet. And all of them believed me. 

I wasn’t surprised. Telling stories is what made me famous. Fifteen bestsellers. Millions of fans. Fame and fortune.

Now, I have one last story to write. It’ll be my best one yet, with a jaw-dropping twist that will leave them stunned and gasping for breath.

They say that sticks and stones will break your bones, but this story? It will be the one that kills me.

This book is not a romance. It is contemporary fiction, but very suspenseful in nature. It is about a famous romance author and a dark secret she keeps.

Grace Review

Story: 4.5 stars
If you’ve read any of Alessandra Torre’s books before, take everything you know about this author and throw it out the window. This book is NOTHING like her other books, and that’s a good thing. Why? We already know the author is a talented writer as she has proven time and time again, with the Deanna Madden series being one of my all-time favorites. But she truly reinvents herself with this release.

The uniqueness of how this story is told is a big part of its appeal.
It is basically a story within a story, featuring an author writing her last book. A story to reveal her secrets and give her some closure to the guilt that has overwhelmed her for 4 years. What is the secret? It takes a long time for this one to come out. The revelation comes via flashbacks as Helena co-writes her book with a ghostwriter (keeping that a secret, although it is not any sort of major twist).

I don’t think I’d be alone as a reader to say that the heroine, Helena Ross isn’t likeable throughout most of this book. She’s emotionless, insensitive and self-centered. She pushes back at her agent, Kate, and co-author, on a daily basis. Yet at the same time, she expects them to go to great lengths to meet her demands. And for some reason they do.

We know that her husband, Simon, is no longer around. But it isn’t until a major flashback that we learn what happened to him and Helena’s daughter. It is a mix of shocking, sad and unfortunate. The what ifs are inevitable. This part of the story was a shock and I commend Helena for finally doing the right thing.

This is a story of an author’s reflection and redemption, and the unique path she takes in doing so. While I would describe the pace as slow, I was still intrigued throughout and eager to find out the Helena’s truths. The author delivers a story with a lot of emotional weight giving others the peace they have sought for so long.

Performance: 4 stars
Told from three POVs, the narrator does a good job of creating distinct voices for each character, which I always appreciate. I particularly liked Kate’s NY accent. The author also did a great job of portraying each character’s emotions throughout.

Overall: 4.5 stars
Whether you are a fan of this author and looking for something different, or just a fan of the mystery/suspense genre, this book is worth checking out!

– Grace

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