Book Review: Silent Song by Jaci Wheeler

Title: Silent Song
Author: @JaciWheeler
Reviewer: Grace
Genre: New Adult
Length: 298 pages
Rating: 3.5 Stars


I’m Deaf. What most people view as a disadvantage, I see as an advantage. 
I feel my way through life in my 1969 Ford Fairlane. The vibrations and speed sustain me, the race track is where I dominate. 
I thought racing was all I needed to survive…but I was wrong.

Music is my life. I inhale the melody and breathe in the lyrics. 
That was until I met someone that opened my eyes to a new culture. Who knew all it would take was silence for me to really experience music.

When Silence and sound collide it creates an explosion of the senses.

Grace Review

A man who can hear no sound.
A woman who’s career aspirations center on music.
Barrett is an eighteen-year-old deaf high schooler, who repairs cars and races to help his family make ends meet.
Presley is a twenty-year-old college student with two trust funds.
In many ways they are opposites, yet they may be the perfect fit.

Presley first meets Barrett in the most unusual of ways. Knowing his disability, she uses what little sign language she knows to warn him about cops in the area of their illegal street race. While there isn’t any insta-love in this book, Presley is intrigued by Barrett, and being the generous person that she is, can’t stop herself from reaching out to help him time and time again. Does she go a bit overboard? In my opinion, yes, she does seem to overstep her bounds at times, but it is only done with the best of intentions, so I gave it a pass.

What sets this book apart from other romances involving hearing impairment (I’ve read a few), is how authentic it felt. As the author suffers from her own hearing loss, she chose to communicate in the way she knows, ASL, instead of the way a traditional person would sign. The wording of the sentences takes some getting used to, but I do appreciate she gave the upfront warning about what she was doing and why.

The love story between Barrett and Presley is not overnight. In fact, this book seemed to center more on their friendship rather than love story. Maybe it was the age difference that made them hold back, but there are no overly detailed scenes between them, and I was ok with that.

To me, this book is ultimately about trust and selfless actions to help others. Both Presley and Barrett make personal sacrifices for those they care about. While they appear opposites on the outside, inside, they share the same compassion and heart to make things work. The grand gesture capped it off – I loved how Presley took her career ambition of music therapy and used it to win Barrett’s heart.

“Music is the sound track of life to me.”

If you are looking for a sweet and honest story, this is worth checking out.

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.

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