New Release (Book Review): Born, Madly by Trisha Wolfe

Title: Born, Madly (Darkly, Madly #2)
Author: @TrishaWolfe
Reviewer: Grace
Genre: Dark Romance
Length: 249 pages
Rating: 4.5 Stars


Duet: a performance by two.

But who is acting, and who is devolving?

A buried past is unearthed, and Grayson Sullivan—AKA The Angel of Maine—retaliates against the system who made him, deploying psychological warfare on the woman who initially set him free. Dr. London Noble probes deep into the mind of the killer she’s fallen for, searching for answers, as a copycat killer threatens their unity. Are they partners, lovers, or enemies? One final trap will reveal all.

Grace Review

My beautiful angel of mercy, now my vengeful angel of death.

This book is dark to its core. There is no true hero of this story. With a shared history of pain and thirst for blood in the form of vengeance, the future for Grayson Sullivan and London Noble is hardly a certain one.

Our fellow blog reviewer, Miri, was worried about this book. How could a criminal couple survive? As I read through this book, it’s hard to dismiss that worry. Especially given the following:
Grayson is guilty of his crimes.
He’s on the loose with multiple agencies on the hunt for him.
His desire to spill blood hasn’t died down.
Only now he has someone who shares that desire.
And then you have the added factor of a copycat killer.

The danger lies in whether or not we’ll survive each other.

Throughout this book, I had to challenge Grayson’s plans, luring the copycat with violent acts (some deadly, and some surprisingly not). However, what I didn’t expect was how intelligent he (and London) was in his/their plans. This duet reaffirms my belief that this author is diabolical. And I love her for it.

Where I was molded into a killer against my will, Grayson is liberating me of that experience. Reinventing it; making it ours.

This story captures the dark nature of its characters is a hauntingly beautiful way. It was as if each character knew their time was limited, but they couldn’t resist the temptation of danger. Like a moth to a flame.

That’s what Grayson and I are: a wildfire. We’ll burn through each other until our resources are expired.

There are so many clever aspects of the story, particularly with the lock and keys. Perfectly tying together their pasts, their tatoos, their future.

“You’re the key.”

While this book had an endgame with survival chances being limited, it was the perfect conclusion to the series.

– Grace

*An ARC was received for an honest review.


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