Book Review: One Hot December by Tiffany Reisz

One Hot

Title: One Hot December (Men at Work #3)
Author: @tiffanyreisz
Reviewer: Tammy @tammyvoiced
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 224 pages
Rating: 5 Hot stars


Hard as steel…and hotter still!

Never mess with a woman who carries a blowtorch in her backpack. Welder and artist Veronica “Flash” Redding’s playful sense of evil sometimes gets the better of her. Like when her insanely handsome, wealthy, suited-up boss gave her the most sensuously wicked night of her life…then dumped her. Yep, revenge is a dish best served hot.

Only Ian Asher isn’t quite letting Flash get away quite so easily. He’s not ready to forget the intensity between them. The searing heat when they touch. And the deliciously demanding control Ian wields in the bedroom. Now he has only the holidays to convince Flash that they belong together…and that even the most exquisite, broken things can be welded back together.

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Book Review: Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz



Title: Her Naughty Holiday (Men at Work #2)
Author: @tiffanyreisz
Reviewer: Michelle & Tammy @Michelle6803 @tammyvoiced
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 224 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


A feast she wasn’t expecting!

Clover Greene would sooner crawl into her oven than host family for Thanksgiving dinner. Yet another annual ritual of too much food, served with a side of criticism over “Clover’s Bad Life Choices.” This year, she needs to distract them all—with a handsome fake boyfriend. And she has the perfect guy in mind.

Contractor Erick Fields is the poster boy for sexy single dads, and Clover has been secretly crushing on him for ages. She certainly wasn’t expecting Erick to agree to her insane charade…or to add lots of hot, wicked sex to the deal. If they can pull it off, the worst Thanksgiving ever might give them something to be really thankful for! [Read more…]

Book Review: Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz



Title: Her Halloween Treat (Men at Work #1)
Author: @tiffanyreisz
Reviewer: Michelle @Michelle6803
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 224 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars


Trick…or wicked treat!

It was a devastating dirty trick—Joey Silvia just found out her boyfriend of two years is married. What. A. Dick. Joey knows her best chance to get over one guy is to get under another. Of course, heading home to her family’s remote cabin in Oregon poses some challenges in the “available men” department…until she discovers this cabin comes with its own hot handyman!

Holy crap, Chris Steffensen. When did her brother’s best friend turn into a hard-bodied pile of blond-bearded hotness? He’s the perfect Halloween treat—and a surprisingly dirty rebound guy. For a couple of weeks, anyway. Except that Chris has other ideas…like proving to Joey that this blast from the past is a whole lot more than a naughty Halloween hookup.
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July Favorite


Broken Prince by Erin Watt
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Something Nice by Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Bossman by Vi Keeland
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Book Review: The Confessions by Tiffany Reisz

Title: The Confessions
Author: @tiffanyreisz
Reviewers: @Michelle6803 @MrsCintron @RachelAnn901
Genre: Erotica
Length: 140
Rating: 5 stars


Three Sinners. Three confessions. And all the dirty little secrets you could possibly desire…

Father Stuart Ballard has been Marcus Stearns’ confessor since the young Jesuit was only eighteen years old. He thought he’d heard every sin the boy had to confess until Marcus uttered those three fateful words: “I met Eleanor.”

So begins the 40-page “The Confession of Marcus Stearns,” a moving coda to the RITA® Award-winning Original Sinnersseries. Originally published as a limited-edition paperback for the 2014 RT Booklovers’ Convention, and available worldwide for the first time. [Read more…]

Interview & Giveaway: Tiffany Reisz


☆ ☆ ☆ Interview & Giveaway: Tiffany Reisz @tiffanyreisz ☆ ☆ ☆

The Shorties had the great opportunity to interview one of our favorite authors, Tiffany Reisz!!! *fan girl(s) down*


Sum up The Queen in five words.
The eighth Original Sinners book.
(Sorry, I’m a smartass).

If you were stranded on an island with one of your characters, who would you pick and why?
Kingsley because of all the Sinners, he’s the one who has the strongest survival skills. He could keep me alive. And bang me. But also keep me alive.

This is the first BDSM series I have read that tied so strongly with the Bible.  Was this your intention from the beginning?  How much of the Bible stories did you research and how much was from your personal knowledge?
I started writing THE SIREN while I was attending seminary if that answers your question.

It’s Halloween at the 8th Circle. What will Nora and Kingsley wear? (We know Soren wouldn’t dress up)
That’s where you’re wrong. Of course Soren would dress up. If you read “Christmas in Suite 37A,” last year’s Original Sinners Christmas story, you’ll hear from Griffin about a wild Halloween party where Kingsley dressed like a priest, Soren dressed like Kingsley, Nora dressed like Slash and Sheridan dressed like Axl Rose.

​Tiffany I still am thinking about The Queen and cannot wait to purchase it so I can re-read it over and over again.  I still cannot believe that this is the “last book”, yup, I put it in quotes because in my heart, I know you may give us some more eventually down the line.  Anywho, here goes:
Although Original Sinners may be done, are you looking into possibly writing a book from any of the secondary characters down the road?
It’s always possible but currently not anything I want to do or plan to do. I’d love to write more Original Sinners books eventually but The Virgin and The Queen were the two hardest most frustrating novels I’ve ever written. I need a break for awhile to write outside this universe. Someday I’ll come back to it with a fresh brain and new ideas.

What are you working on currently?
I just completed POINSETTIA, this year’s Original Sinners Christmas story, told from the point-of-view of Magdalena, Soren’s friend and teacher from his seminary days. She taught him how to be a good sadist. This story takes place when Soren is 20 and you’ll be able to read it for free this December.

Do you have any plans to write another Rom-Com?
Yes! I love writing rom-coms. I had the most fun writing “Seize the Night,” my modern gender-swapped very silly Romeo & Juliet retelling.

Will any of your leading characters become parents in the future?
None of them that aren’t currently parents.

Who is going to win the World Series?
The real winner of every baseball game is the women who get to see those glorious baseball butts in those tight tight pants.

Are any scenes or moments in the series from personal experiences in and out of the bedroom, or playroom or a Rolls Royce?

How do you choose your characters names and looks and status?
Names are very important. Names are everything. I spend a lot of time thinking and pondering and looking at baby name books and lists until I find the perfect name. You sort of get a vague image of a character in your head and as you write, that character turns into a person you can see as if he or she is standing in front of you.

Is there anything that you wished you would have added to any of the books, or a character trait, or scene?
There were a few scenes I wish I could have written. I did write the “Kingsley and Nora get stoned in a bathtub” scene for The Queen but edited it out.

All the characters take a vacation together, where do they go and what 2 toys do they bring with them?
They would all go to the south of France and visit Nico and his vineyard. Kingsley would never leave him without a flogger. Nora must have her crop. Soren loves his razor blades.

Is there anything that you want us to know about the series? Hidden secrets?
I almost gave Soren a pet dog. It was my way of working through my intense desire to own an Irish deerhound. But I didn’t do it. I edited that out too.

What is the strangest thing a fan has asked you?
Did you base the series on Depeche Mode songs? Answer? No. Maybe Pet Shop Boys songs, but no Depeche Mode. Don’t be ridiculous.

What is the strangest thing a fan has given you?
That’s a hard one. I get a lot of weird gifts. But the funniest gift was when a fan from Kentucky came to see me in NYC and asked if I wanted anything from Kentucky. I asked for Grippo’s which is a kind of local potato chip and she actually brought them. A fan also brought me an Oreo Blizzard to a signing and God, I love that woman.

What is the strangest thing a fan has shown you?
A “fan’ sent me naked pictures of herself which is not cool. Absolutely not cool. You do  not ever send unsolicited naked pictures to anyone, not even the erotica author. I have the internet. I can find my own porn.

Inside The Author With Twenty Questions

  1. What is your favorite word?


  1. What is your least favorite word?


  1. What turns you on?

New office supplies.

  1. What turns you off?

A lack of empathy for the less fortunate

  1. What sound or noise do you love?

You know that weird industrial sound in CONTACT? The sound the aliens make that Jodie Foster hears? I love that sound. Best movie sound ever.

  1. What sound or noise do you hate?

The smoke alarm

  1. What is your favorite curse word?

I like shouting “Holy poop!” which isn’t a swear word but takes the place of one.

  1. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Train engineer.

  1. What profession would you not like to do?

Anything involving child-care. That shit is HARD WORK.

  1. What are you reading right now?

SILVER THAW by Catherine Anderson. It takes place in Central Oregon where I live! Exciting!

  1. What book(s) do you urge readers to read?

“Kushiel’s Dart” by Jacqueline Carey.
“The Vintner’s Luck” by Elizabeth Knox.
“The Winter Prince” by Elizabeth Wein.
“All the Kings’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren.

  1. What inspires you?

Everything. Seriously. I get ideas everywhere.

  1. What is your favorite indulgence?

Chocolate chip cookies.

  1. What is your favorite movie?

The Princess Bride

  1. What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My sock monkey pajama pants.

  1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


  1. What is something you like to collect?

Books obviously!

  1. What item must you have with you at all times?

A pen.

  1. What city could you get lost in for hours to explore?

Savannah, Georgia.

  1. What is one thing about you that would surprise us?

I’m terribly terribly boring.

Last After Dark Question: Who is your favorite Star Wars character?



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Have you read The Queen yet?  If you didn’t notice from our review, we kind of LOVED it!  Enter to win a signed copy of The Queen.

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Book Review: The Queen by Tiffany Reisz


Title: The Queen (The White Years #4)
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Erotic
Length: 400 pages
Rating: 5 stars



Once upon a time, Nora and Søren made a fateful deal—if he gave her everything, she would give him forever. 

The time has finally come to keep their promises. 

Out of money and out of options after her year-long exile, Eleanor Schreiber agrees to join forces with Kingsley Edge, the king of kink. After her first taste of power as a Dominant, Eleanor buries her old submissive self and transforms into Mistress Nora, the Red Queen. With the help of a mysterious young man with a job even more illicit than her own, Nora squares off against a cunning rival in her quest to become the most respected, the most feared Dominatrix in the Underground. 

While new lovers and the sweet taste of freedom intoxicate Nora, she is tempted time and time again by Søren, her only love and the one man who refuses to bow to her. But when Søren accepts a new church assignment in a dangerous country, she must make an agonizing choice—will the queen keep her throne and let her lover go, or trade in her crown for Søren’s collar? 

With a shattering final confession, the last link in the chain is forged in The Original Sinners saga. It’s the closing chapter in a story of salvation, sacrifice and the multitude of scars we collect in the name of ecstasy—and love.

Shorties reivew

We love this series and author so much, we each wanted to give a review on this book.


Grace Review

This is one of those books that I feel you need to go in blind to. Every fan should experience this book on their own. Hopefully my letter conveys why this is a MUST READ.

Dear Ms.Reisz,

Several years, based on the recommendations of my friends, I read The Siren. That story that brought me into a world I know little about and showed me a very different side to the BDSM world and the people who enjoy it. Did I like Soren in that book? No. But you told me and your readers to trust you. And I did. By the Mistress, you had convinced me why he is so special. Then I get to this book, and you break my heart over and over, in a good way as I fell more in love with Soren. I felt that this book, more than any other before, really delved deep into the relationship between Soren and Nora and their love story. It was sad and beautiful all at once.

“Come back to me.”

While I wasn’t always on board with Soren, from page one of The Siren, I have loved Nora. She’s my one of my all-time favorite heroines. I feel like this book among both series, exposed her the most, in good and bad ways, as she takes on a new life role. Her fears of failure and then confidence, made me love her even more. And that scene with Milady, perfection.

I am that reader that hates cheating, yet I have come to accept the open relationships Nora and Kingsley have with others.

I am that reader that hadn’t recovered from The Mistress. I was a green eyed monster when it came to Grace. But you have taught me to accept what happened since ultimately, no one was hurt. Well not emotionally at least, lol. Getting Nora’s thoughts on the whole incident, put it all in a new light and now I fully understand.

What I love about your stories is that there is a reason for everything. Whether it is explained in one book or another, those things that happen that we the reader, challenge, are written for a reason. That lock of hair, that kiss. I could totally relate to Nora’s anger. But like everything else, there was a reason for it. You are truly a wicked genius!

For a series I have come to love and consider it one of the best erotic series ever written, it is hard to say goodbye. My finger kept trying to scroll on my kindle, with an ending arrived sooner than I wanted. Reflecting back, I feel sated. You gave me and other readers, a beautiful ending.

Thank you for giving me this was a dirty fun ride. I enjoyed every minute!


Michelle's Review

5+++++++++ “I’ll Give You Everything” Stars


Here’s my confession, while one day trolling through Twitter back in late 2011, I kept seeing the promo for The Siren by Tiffany Reisz.  I read the synopsis and will admit that I was a wee bit uncomfortable.  I’m a Catholic, and I would really consider myself a Jesuit Catholic, my mind is more liberal at most, conservative at best.  Oxymoron much you say?  Probably, but I’m sticking with this analogy, so bear with me okay.  So months later and a few more Tweets about people going on and on about The Siren, I say to myself, “okay just one-click the bitch already”.  BEST DECISION EVER.  So I devoured the The Angel, The Prince and The Mistress.  I meet my co-bloggers Yaya and Rachel on Twitter reading The Mistress and later on met Grace.  TR (as we love referring to her) let’s her fans know that she is writing the Prequel and will call it the White Years.  On to The Saint, The King, The Virgin and of course, Ms. Reisz saves the best for last The Queen.


I’m not going to say much about The Queen, you need to read it, experience it and fall in love all over again with Soren, Kingsley and of course, Nora.  You know the saying, everything comes full circle?  TR did it with the final installment of the Original Sinners Series, or it is really final, hmm?  Besides the beautifully written words of the story, you all get your Bible stories all packed into this book.  Yes, it will want you to pick up your Bible and wanting to read the stories.


Besides the vulnerabilities of the main characters, you get a lot of funny moments.  God, I love Nora’s sick sense of humor.  Nora telling Soren about the new virgin she de-flowed  “Third one I’ve found.  I even have a punch card-if I fuck two more virgins I get a free frozen yogurt on my birthday.” 


As I sit here trying to type this review, I will admit that I am teary eyed.  I have a lot of emotions because truthfully I want to hold on to these characters forever.  So here’s one of my many favorite Soren quotes, and I dedicate it these characters: “Come back to me.”  Yes, I am hoping and praying that Ms. Reisz will let her characters come back to me in her short stories that she is famous for during the Christmas holidays.  I know that may be asking a lot, but I just want to keep them in my heart forever.  And now and forever, I will kneel at the altar of Tiffany Reisz.


One final thought, although I was crying my eyes out after reading this beautiful book and after the tears had dried, this song kept popping into my head because this is how I truly felt after reading The Queen, “Oh Happy Day” and, yes, the video clip is from Sister Act 2 which I think it is fitting.  

– Michelle


My heart is full. My eyes are wet. My brain is in love.

Tiffany is a story/word wizard. There is not one or sentence that does not drawl you in and hug you to the genius.

While some crave conventional society baring relationships, Tiffany allows you and entrances you to see a unconventional world be beautiful, loving, respectful and warm and most certainly right for them. All are one family. A family you want to send a Christmas card too. A family you want to just sit around and listen too. A family you want to invite to your child’s birthday party. A family you want to fool around with and it will be ok. A family who just has love.

The Queen gives you everything you thought you wanted and more. All ties are knotted so that we can see the entire story as a whole. We see why one person is this way and they other is one way. It all just makes sense for these characters that we have a huge attraction too. It makes you think outside of the box, it’s bigger are the outside.
Many people ask me what I recommend them to read. She is my number one. They get a look of “what?!” When I explain the story. I always reply with “it sounds crazy I know but she writes it so beautifully you look over, understand their lifestyle and it becomes just a-o-k. Tiffany can write a book on why a worm has two heads and I would devour it.” That perks them up.

– Tammy


“I told you there were three ways to be a queen. There are four.”
 “What’s the fourth way?”
“You can be born a queen.” He looked up at her. “That’s why you are a queen. Not because I made you one or you stole a throne or a crown. You were born to be the queen and you are.”

So after 2 years, 8 books, numerous short stories, about 86 near heart attacks, and enough tears to fill a lake or at least a large pond we finally come to the end of the Original Sinners series, and I’m not sure how to put into words my love for this book, this series, or this author. This won’t be a review of The Queen so much as a review of the series as a whole because like all of the other books it’s best to go into this book knowing as little as possible. Also, finishing The Original Sinners has me feeling a little nostalgic about all of it (I apologize in advance). I dreaded and anticipated The Queen in equal measure, always eager to spend time with my favorite characters and yet wanting to hold off for as long as possible because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them just yet. I’ve never read a series of books that filled my heart with such ache and such joy before, and in The Queen Tiffany Reisz wraps this story up in an ending worthy of these larger than life characters she created. Everything comes full circle and when I finished I felt like there was nothing else I could’ve asked for.

I know that when some people find out I read erotica I get that “Oh really?” look that is usually somewhere between feeling ashamed for me or pitying me, and I will be the first to admit that a good portion of it isn’t exactly high brow literature. In fact, a lot of it is crap. But I’ve always felt that The Original Sinners is a series I would recommend to anyone, even someone who doesn’t read erotica, because it is THAT well written. It’s isn’t just the sex (even though the sex is incredibly hot) that makes this erotica worth reading. It’s Nora, Søren, and Kingsley. It’s the unconditional love they share that seems to defy all odds and the inextricable link of their lives as if they were somehow brought together by destiny. We get to know these characters inside and out over the course of years to the point where they began to feel like real people to me. I know Tiffany says she doesn’t write romance but I’d be hard pressed to find a story filled with more love than this one. For me good erotica has hot sex, but great erotica has to have something more. It has to make me feel, and no other series has made me feel like this one.

If someone told me I could only read one series for the rest of my life, it would have to be this one. I’ve read a lot of books. Most of them, even the ones I enjoy or even love, I rarely go back to, and yet I always go back to Nora, Søren, and Kingsley. I’ve read these books more times than I can count and I know that years from now I will continue to go back to them. Like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, I was introduced to a world that was so unlike anything I’d witnessed in real life. It was a world that some people on the outside would call “ugly” or “wrong” but Tiffany Reisz made it seem beautiful. I want to thank her for allowing us into this dark and intriguing world inside her head for a little while. I even want to thank her for all the mindfucks and torture she put me through and reminding me that a little pain makes the sweet moments all the sweeter. I want to thank her for giving me Nora, the best heroine I’ve ever had the fortune of reading, a heroine that all others will be measured against and found lacking. When people complain that “there are no strong females in romance” I always point to Nora and say “she’s who I want to be when I grow up”. Mostly I want to thank her for Søren, my favorite character in any book ever. Maybe I’m weird but I loved him from the beginning, and with every line and every book my love for him grew, and by the time I finished The Queen my heart felt full to bursting. The Queen was the final piece of the puzzle in the evolution of Nora Sutherlin, from submissive Eleanor Schreiber to the Mistress Nora we know and love in the Red Years, and just like the other books this one broke my heart only to mend it up in the most beautiful ways, and I can’t thank Tiffany Reisz enough for that. It was truly one hell of a ride.

“Eleanor, I will never truly be gone from you. I will never leave you or forsake you.” “Where you go I will go. Your God will be my God,” Nora continued the verse. “Where you die, there I will be buried.”
“And we will have each other forever. In this life and the next.”
“Promise?” she asked.
“Anything for you, Little One,” he said. “Everything for you.”

– Rachel

YaYa's Review


– Yaya



*An ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

**Teasers made by Yaya.



The SaintThe King1a

Book Review: The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz


Title: The Virgin (The White Years #3)
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Genre: Erotic
Length: 416 pages
Rating: 5 stars


The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series The Original Sinners.

For years, Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she, the mistress of a well-respected Catholic priest, would have to run and hide. She always imagined if that day came she’d be running away with Søren. But instead, she’s running from him.

Knowing Søren and Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back, Eleanor alone, penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow: the abbey where her mother has taken orders. Behind the cloistered gates of the convent, Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in equal measure

She cannot, however, hide from her true nature. When Eleanor befriends a young virginal nun, she faces a startling sexual awakening. But Eleanor can’t stay forever, and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates. But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind, a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to make

The lure of the forbidden. The temptation to sin. The price of passion has never been higher, and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again.

Shorties reivew

Michelle: I never know what I am going to expect whenever I read one of Tiffany’s books, all I know that I can always count on a great story and pure awesomeness from Tiffany. Little did I know that not only would I be reading one story, but in actuality, we get two stories. Nora is reminiscing with both with Soren and King about “that year”, you know “that year” when Nora left Soren, yes, that one. I really do not want to rehash why because if you are a true Original Sinner fan, like me and my shortie Yaya, you will know why she left Soren oh those many years ago. King is telling both Soren and Nora the story on how he met Juliette.

Yaya: I’m no longer shocked. Thrilled? Extremely. If you haven’t learned by now that Tiffany Reisz will find a way of surprising you, then you obviously haven’t been paying attention correctly. Now in The Virgin she manages to give us the unspoken story of the one year where Eleanor leaves Søren. Because Søren did something so terrible according to her she could not forgive him for. We knew it had to be good. Eleanor leaving her Priest is like a sign of the apocalypse, but what I wasn’t ready for were new secrets and get this, the story is told in both Eleanor and King’s POV. Turns out King and her had some plans of their own and their favorite Sadist was not involved. Best part, that moment where our favorite Mistress Nora is born. Eeekkkk!!!

Michelle: I adore Nora, I love all of Tiffany’s the characters. We get to meet Kyrie, a soon to be ordained nun. Oh man Kyrie really cracked me up at times trying to find out why Nora was hanging out in a convent. I loved how Kyrie would earn her “points” with Nora to get to the truth of the matter. What I didn’t expect was how strong Nora’s feelings were for Kyrie. You will laugh and you will cry.


Yaya: If you aren’t aware Nora is bisexual. There’s something about Tiffany’s F/F scenes with Nora that you can’t help but admire. Although she doesn’t drastically change Nora being with a women, but I feel like Nora is very passionate with her ladies (Sheridan ). It’s not something being forced out of her, she does it willingly. In this case from a soon to be nun, Kyrie, who can keep up with her sarcasm and attitude. Kyrie develops a crush for Nora. Uh-Oh!!! You don’t say. Reminding you the convent is where Nora fled to hide because she thought no one would find her there. I love those moments where she thinks she hears a “certain” sound of a familiar motorcycle (Mental image of Søren in his Ducati ).

“… Now I’m starting to thinking something different. You hid behind your collar and get to play God while the rest of us do your bidding and suffer the consequence. You get the glory. She gets the bruises. Maybe it’s you who’s not worthy of her. Maybe it’s you who’s not worthy of me, either.” – Kingsley

Michelle: Oh my sweet Frenchman King. Can we love this sexy rogue anymore than we do, absofuckinglutely! He’s pissed at Soren, so what else is new? He travels around the world and ends up in Haiti. His interactions with Juliette oh man, so unexpected at times. Juliette is a real firecracker. Yet at times my heart went out for her.


Yaya: Mon Dieu!!! I love it when King says that. So not only is Nora pissed but so is Kingsley and like Michelle said, what else is new? If King wasn’t mad at Søren it wouldn’t be normal. At times it really seems like King is Søren’s wife with all the bickering they do. Sorry King, don’t be mad at me, but Søren turns you into mush. You go and try and change his Little One and you don’t think he’ll have a fit? Dude, he’s the Lord of your underground world. You’re “damaging” his goods or making them better as we see now. Then you go and keep a secret from him. Where is your shame Kingsley? Knowing King he’ll say he’s French and he doesn’t have any. After his run away from it all and traveling around the world, Haiti is where his heart will situate him for a while and all thanks to this woman named Juliette. Yes this is the story of how he meets his precious jewel. From the moment they meet to how they end up together, their story will knock you off your feet. Some good comedy in there too.


Michelle: You know Tiffany cannot do any wrong in my book whenever she writes. Her writing is so refreshing and makes you fall in love with all these characters more and more. You just don’t want to stop reading, for me anyway.

“You should know that as much as I love my Eleanor, my Little One, I do love Mistress Nora, too. It took me longer to fall in love with her, but now I love her as deeply as I love my Eleanor.”

Freaking Soren does it to me all the damn time, water works.


Yaya: Never enough. I want to grow old with these characters. I want to live in their stories. I want to personally know them and hangout with them. That’s how I feel every time I read this series. You may be asking yourself how many times do we need to read their stories? Infinity. I don’t ever want them to end. Yes we know their future story already, but never this detailed. This is going back and filling in the blanks for you. Sort of like behind the scenes. Always new, always fresh. Tiffany always finds a new way to freshen up your Sinners mindset. There’s just never a dull moment with this series. These characters will forever have a place in their fans hearts. They may not be the stories for you and that’s fine. I’ve said it many times have a big heart and a bigger open mind when you begin the series. What you think is right/wrong in your world, might be the complete opposite in theirs. It is why they are the Sinners❤️

– YaYa and Michelle

*An ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.




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